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Toimages2day, I challenge all of you to a writing challenge.

Are you ready?
Okay, here it is:  Using only 500 words write what happens to a 30-year-old woman who recently was laid off her low-income job as a waitress and is so behind paying her rent is kicked out with nowhere to go. Til she mysteriously gets an envelope marked to her left tossed inside her SUV. Tell me what the letter says. What does the woman decide to do after reading the letter?Answer all these questions and about how her living up to her being laid off and kicked out of her apartment. All in 500 words!

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  1. Amy opens the letter and looked at the letter head which showed that it was from the Department of Defense, or more specifically D.A.R.P.A. The letter was from a Colonel John S. Kenten.
    It tells her that she was to report to a building on 1809 Philadelphia Avenue. And also to show a card to the man in the front door of the shop. Tell no one and only show the card to the man in at the door of the shop.
    Giving in to her curiosity, Amy drives clear across the city to get to 1809 Philadelphia Avenue. She ended up downtown and found the shop as an old store with a sidewalk and no parking anywhere nearby. So Amy found a parking garage to park her SUV. She walks to the shop and finds a middle aged black man at the counter of the store that sells books.
    “Can I help you?” the man asked.
    “Yes, Uh I got this,” Amy showed him the card and letter.
    “In the back, miss. He’s waiting for you,” he said pointing to a plain wooden door behind the desk.
    Amy went to the door and opened it. It closed the moment that she walked through it.
    “It’s alright, you’re safe. You are where you need to be,” a man in a well dressed and decorated green Army uniform said.
    “Who are you?” Amy demanded.
    “Colonel Kenten. Director of the special development projects at D.A.R.P.A. I have brought you here for a, career more suited to your talents,” the Colonel said.
    “More suited to my talents? D.A.R.P.A.? Isn’t that the military’s think tank?”
    “In an manner of speaking yes. Your old employer has no idea what he has just thrown away. You will find this line of work much better.”


    1. This is gooood! There will be another writing challenge posted tomorrow that will be a continuation of today’s writing challenge. The only exception is that there will be a new conflict added to the challenge. I am very interested in seeing how you take this excellent piece that you have started into the next challenge!


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