Writing Challenge #1.2

ImageReady for another writing challenge?

Here is the second part: In 500 words,  write about who sent the 30-year-old woman the letter? Was it from someone she knew? Or is it from someone from her past that brought up something bad that happened years ago? 

Either way, mention who gave her the letter and why? Because of who sent her the letter, she decides to take action ( mention the action you said she did from first challenge). 

What happens now that she took this plan of action?

Who will she meet ( Introduce another character if you have not already done so)? Who is this person to her?

And why now did she receive the letter?

Mention all this in 500 words! Please post your responses below!

2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge #1.2

  1. “So why am I here?” Amy demanded of the Colonel.
    “You have unique gifts, gifts that we want to have test our new technologies,” Colonel Kenten said. He sat down at a plain desk. He pulled out a file that had Amy’s Social Security Number and address on it. He placed it on the desk open the file, and began to read it.
    “So what does the all knowing government, know about me that I don’t know,” Amy said sarcastically.
    “Well let’s see. You have higher then normal intelligence, and when your adrenaline is flowing your strength increases, and speed as well. Your response time is faster then any Human on the planet. Also there are signs that you may have limited telepathic abilities in high stress situation,” Kenten explained.
    “Wow really? You people knew all that about me and never took me in?” Amy questioned.
    “We find it best that our future assets live a free life, undisturbed until needed. And now you are needed, but only as someone to test out all the new toys that D.A.R.P.A. has been creating the last few years,” the Colonel explained.
    “How much does this gig pay?” Amy asked.
    “More then what you’re use to,” Kenten said.


    1. Once again, another interesting response!! You are excellent at this.
      Can’t wait to see what you type for the next challenge! 🙂


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