Writing Challenge #2-1


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For those who want to practice writing to test out your skills and unique writing styles here is another writing challenge.
This one has a genre.
The genre for this one will be Western/ Romance,
or Western/Romance/Suspense,
or a Western Thriller Suspense.
You choose!!
You need to write using only 600 words about:
A young hardworking cowboy, who after losing his wife after she gave birth to two healthy twins boys, struggles with trying to be a full time Dad and a full time rancher. Both require his constant full attention. The cowboy decides that hiring a nanny to watch his twin boys during half the day would solve his problems. Unfortunately, the nanny was an elderly lady and his boys were at the terrible three’s stage. They got into a lot of trouble these days and nannies have been coming and going faster than he had the patience to deal with. After coming back home to find his twin boys  covered in cake icing and the house messier than ever and no sign of the nanny, he decides that no one will do.
Two weeks later a new woman in her twenties moves next door.

Write what happens when the twin boys cause trouble. What type of woman is the next door neighbor? How does she react to the boys? What is her reaction to the boys father? And how does the father react when he meets her?

Be sure to write your response to this challenge in 600 words only!!!

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