Writing Challenge #3-1

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Ready for a different topic? One that can be written as a Cozy Mystery?

Well here it is: In March 1874, a young woman called Susie Hayes goes missing. Nobody knows where she’s gone. She was last seen walking towards the Opera House.
No one saw her go in or exit the Opera House. After five years and still nothing she was claimed dead and missing.
That was until after reconstruction was being done to the old Opera Hose was a young dead woman’s body.
Was it really Susie Hayes? If so, how did her body end up inside the Opera House? Did she die from an accident? Or was it murder?
Who would want to harm a young proper woman like Susie Hayes?
As investigators examined the dead woman’s body, they concluded it was indeed Susie Hayes body after all. Once, the media alerts the public about Susie Hayes body having been found another young woman matching Susie Hayes description goes missing..

Write all this and what happened to Susie as she walked towards the opera house? Was she going to meet someone? If so, who? Answer all these in a 700 word response!

Best of luck šŸ™‚

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