Day One- Writing A Children’s Book


Choose a theme that teaches a moral. Such a as moving. Children are always being moved to knew places because both parents got a new job, or to be closer to another relative. Moving is scary to children. Because they do not know what to expect moving for the first time. Going to a new school, leaving behind their old friends, and making new friends.

So, for this writing challenge, I challenge all of you to write about a young child being told they are moving away to a new place. 

Write how the child is sad or angry about moving to a new place. Does he or she try do do to not move away? 

What happens when the child is at the new place? Does he or she make new friends?

Is the child scared of moving away now?

Write how happy the child is now that he / or she has news friends!

Write all this in a response below!

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