Writing Challenge #2-2

uvpic  Western / Western Romance 

Writing challenge part two: Using only 600 words tell us what happens between the young hardworking cowboy, a father of two twin mischievous boys, and new neighbor, a young beautiful, down to earth woman. Tell us how she offers to help the young cowboy out with his two boys. The two boys seem to behave around the young woman. She even seems to enjoy their presence. But there is something that keeps the cowboy from allowing his beautiful neighbor to get to his heart and the heart of his two boys. Why?

And what type of problem is keeping the young woman from completely falling in love with this hardworking cowboy who loves his two boys more than anything?

Does someone keep them from getting closer? If so, who? And why?

Does the cowboy come to the woman’s rescue? or does the woman come to the cowboys rescue?

Or does something the twin boys do cause them trouble and go missing, only to have their Dad blame the woman neighbor? And if he does blame the neighbor, which causes mistrust and hurt, does she dare think that they still can have a chance at love or will both their tempers keep them far apart?  

Answer in a 600 word response below!

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