Writing Challenge #2-3


Western Writing Challenge Part 3: Using only 600 words describe what both the cowboy and his beautiful neighbor try to do to avoid each other at all costs. Make one of them the stubborn one, and the other one make a risk taker. How does this now make them want to be near each other more? Or does it make them less pleased to see the other one? 

The two boys are super quiet and do not cause any trouble of any kind. Their Dad has noticed. They have asked to see their neighbor plenty of times already. If their neighbor had been watching the boys better they never would have gotten into so much trouble.

He was afraid they had been hurt. 

Make the cowboy realize that his judgement was poorly drawn upon because of the others he let take care of his two boys.

Have the cowboy plan a way to win back his neighbor’s trust and to win her heart. But how does he go about it? Is his first plan successful, or does he make a fool of himself?

Write how his cowboy pride won’t let him give up. And how he goes about winning his neighbor’s heart and admiration with his next plan.

Answer all this in a 600 word only response below! 

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