Writing Challenge #3-2 Cozy Mystery

It’s now 1879, when a young woman named Susie Hayes body is found after an old Opera uvpic5House was being reconstructed. No one knows how she got there or why. And what was the cause of death?
Upon further investigation, police found out that in her right fist held in so tightly was a note! This got investigators so happy! Finally, maybe an insight as to how she died and why.

As they carefully extract the note, they read it. Finding out it was a note written by a man, saying he was happy to hear they were going to be having a child.

By the way the handwriting was done they confirmed it was a man’s writing. But that leaves the question of who wrote the letter? Who was Susie Hayes seeing that she could have had a child with? Do any of her friends and or family know of any man who had been seeing Susie? 

And if so, they need to find out fast. 

Another woman about the same age as Susie Hayes and same looks went missing the day that the media announced Susie Hayes body has been found. Now police think the have a serial killer on there hands.  Especially, agent Anthony DeMarko. He has been trying to solve Susie Hayes cold case since he made it as a detective. But there were so many loose ends. Now with her dead body, and the findings of the note he feels it will be soon when the catch the monster behind it all. 

The killer siting in his house far out the city limits is watching the television. Laughing at how stupid the police are. They haven’t figured it out yet that it was him. That he had been seeing Susie Hayes all the time, without anyone else knowing.  Now with Susie Hayes gone , he had found another woman looking just like his precious Susie. 

This woman possessed a fire deep inside her that he liked very much. Watching her squirm in an iron chair, tied tightly with rope, and duct tape firmly across her lips. No one could hear her scream. No one will know where to look for her. Just like they couldn’t find Susie Hayes til now.

Write all this and what happens next in 700 words only. Also mention a little background info on the trapped woman that the serial killer is now holding captive! 

Write your response below!

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