Writing Challenge #3-3 Cozy Mystery

New Writing challenge for our Cozy Mystery book we are writing. So, far we have written that a young woman named Susie Hayes was last seen alive walking towards the Opera House. And has since then vanished without leaving a trace. 

Now, five years later after reconstruction of the old Opera House, a young woman’s dead body has been found. The Media along with crime scene investigators announced the dead woman’s body to be that of Susie Hayes. Upon further study of the dead body investigators found a note clutched tightly in the young woman’s hand. After carefully taking the note out and reading it, the police believe Susie Hayes was seeing a man intimately because the note mentioned from a man’s handwriting on the note mentioned that he was happy to hear they were going to be having a baby and to meet at the Opera House. 

Police along with the investigators, especially Agent Anthony DeMarco, were thrilled to finally have a major break in the five-year old cold case. The only new problem was that after all this was made public, a new young woman matching Susie Hayes description goes missing. 

We also wrote a brief scene of the killer holding this woman in his place far outside the city limits. Tied up with rope in an iron chair with duct tape firmly against her mouth, the young woman struggles to escape the mad man’s clutches. 

Agent DeMarco, back at the police station receives a call about a missing woman. Then looking on top of his desk is the picture of the young woman. Her beautiful features resembling those of Susie Hayes down to every detail. It was hard to not think that this woman could be Susie Hayes. With the woman being missing for five hours, police were scrambling to ask every that new the missing woman’s last where bouts and who she was last seen with.

Write about the police asking the young missing woman’s co-workers, family and friends about where she was last seen. 

Who was with her? 

And what type of responses did police get when they re-asked Susie Hayes family, friends, and acquaintances about her seeing a man intimately? And if so, who are the police suspecting with Susie Hayes murder and the crime of kidnapping the woman who is now missing?

What his Agent DeMarco’s  discovery as he searches into the missing woman’s family history..? Could she be Susie Hayes daughter? If so, then who is the father? 

And is the father the prime suspect? If so, why would he kill Susie Hayes? And why would he kidnap his daughter?

What does the killer do to the young woman? 

Answer this in a 700 word response below!                                                                Image

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