Writing Challenge #4-1 Thriller Suspense




In today’s writing challenge, we will be writing a thriller suspense novel. Using only 700 words we will write about: A woman is instantly filled with panic as she comes to, realizing she’s trapped in something dark, fighting with her life to get out, she hears evil laughter from above as something keeps hitting what she’s trapped in. Fear taking over her as she realizes her attempts are worthless as each of her breaths keep getting shallower. Closing her eyes, she screams as loudly as her lungs will allow her to, but no one hears her except the one with the evil laughter….

Chloe Sanders, is a full time novelist, working on building her platform as a strong writer. Currently her books are selling but not in the huge way she expected. Feeling hopeless, she turns to the Newspaper hoping upon hope that she can find something to get her selling as a best seller. Glancing at the first page, she reads about a woman being buried alive found at grave that was going to be used this afternoon. But due to the finding a dead body investigators have taken over the grave spot. Chloe felt sick to her stomach about the woman who was buried alive. Maybe…she thought..no, it would be wrong in every way. To write a thriller about the woman and the case the police are currently working on. It would be interesting to read in a fiction novel using fictitious names and places…yes, she can do this she thought. Chloe decides to do research and ask around about the dead woman. But what Chloe doesn’t realize is that she is putting her own life into the hands of a serial killer.

Write about all this using only 700 words! please post your response in the comment area down below for feedback!

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