Writing Challenge #4-2 Thriller Suspense

images (9)    In the first part of the Thriller Suspense writing challenge, we wrote about a woman who came to realizing with an instant panic that she was trapped in a small dark place with something being piled on top of her. The only other thing she can hear is the evil laughter from above her..as each of her breaths keep getting more shallow…she closes her eyes screaming as loudly as her lungs would allow her. 
Chloe Sanders a full time novelist is struggling with finding something to write about that would make her a bestseller.After having gotten the idea to write about a current police investigation into a ficticious novel, Chloe starts her own investigation into the death of a woman found dead in a grave that was suspose to be used for another person. What Chloe doesn’t realize is that she is putting her life into the hands of a serial killer.  Write in 700 words about:
Chloe disgusing herself as a reporter and steps into the police station to ask agent Luke Simmons about the dead womans case.
Luke sitting in his office waiting for a fake reporter to come by asking questions about the most recent police investigation perked his interest. Why would a novelist like Chole Sanders fake being a reporter? What is her interest in the case and why? Doesn’t she know she is playing a dangerous game. The murderer of the dead woman’s body in found at the grave was a crazy yet highly dangerous. Buring a woman alive..Shaking his head he didn’t know what to make of Chloe’s interest in the case.
Chloe being directed towards Luke’s office knocks before going in. Luke not believing his eyes couldn’t believe how much prettier Chloe Sanders looked when dressed in a low v-neck top exposing a peek at her beautiful cream colored skin, the snug tight jeans showing off her long shapely legs, and nicely shaped butt….
What man would turn down a chance to be with her.
After spending forty-five minutes answering questions and asking them, Chloe thanks agent Luke for his time and starts heading out when he offers to take her home. Just to make sure she gets home safely and not as the next victim.
Write about Chloe asking the dead woman’s friend about the last time the dead woman was seen alive and with whom. Also, mention how after questioning that friend of the dead victim that the friend ends up as the next dead victim.. buried alive just like her friend.
What is Chloe’s reaction? Does she give up her own investigation? Or does it make her more determined to find out the truth? And what does agent Luke do when he finds out that Chole Sanders intereviewed the new dead victim? How does he feel personally about that? Write all this in 700 words in the comment space below!

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