Writing Challenge #5-1

Today, we will be writing a paranormal young adult book.  For this challenge you are to choose two main good characters ( one male & one female).

              Do you want these two main characters to be best friends? Or                                   strangers?

              If they are strangers, are they both fighting on the opposite sides? Or                   the same  side?

              If they are fighting opposite sides, and are complete strangers, you need to write  about how they meet, fall in love with only one of them knowing they are complete   enemies. Does the one character who knows they are complete enemies help his/or  her love stay safe? How does this character go about protecting his/ her love without his/her side knowing that he/she is helping their enemy? To make the plot move forward and help keep readers interest, write about someone finding out that he/she is helping the enemy and why he/she is doing so. And that this new character is going to report it right away.Also, be sure to mention what type of paranormal beings your characters are and who they are fighting against and why!!!!!!!!!!!

Write all this using only 700 words in the comment space below for feedback!


If you are writing about your two main character being best friends, then write how they are both preparing to fight for the biggest battle ever. Mention, how much they love each other and are willing to sacrifice everything to be together forever. Write what happens when they go out to battle and one is held captive, and tortured before being turned to the other side? Mention the character  who was captured how he/ or she was tortured and turned. Does this character now fight for the opposing side? How much has he/she changed? Does the changed character still love the other character? Describe what both characters are going through from the battle, to the capturing of their loved one, to finding out their loved one has changed, to how they both are now fighting opposing sides. Or are they (fighting opposing sides)? Don’t forget to mention how both characters were mortals and now one has been changed to an immortal.  Who were they fighting against in the beginning? And why? 

Write all this using only 700 words down below in the comment space for feedback!!!!

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