Writing Challenge #5-1 YA Paranormal Romance ( Friends)

In the first part of this writing challenge, I gave you two different choices to write about. The second one was about two main characters who are the best of friends, in love with each other, and are preparing to fight in their biggest battle ever. They head out to battle and their side takes a major loss. Along with that loss, one of the two main characters is taken hostage, tortured, and changed from a mortal into an immortal. You also wrote how both main characters felt about what happened that day in battle. They both lost the other one. Now both have found themselves on opposing sides of the battle. Also, you mentioned how they struggle with their feelings for each other when they should be fighting each other. Once best friends, now enemies. Both were once mortals, fighting a battle against immortal beings. Now one is a mortal, while the other is now an immortal. 

Are they both fighting against each other? Or do they realize that even after what happened on the day of the battle both are still fighting for the same reason. What is that reason? How hard is it for them being mortal and the other being immortal? Does the immortal one change the other one? What happens when given that chance? Will the mortal one freely choose to be changed forever? Or will the immortal one not change the other, for reasons only known to the character? Are both their kinds going to fight again taking in huge losses again? Or can they both stop their sides from fighting each other?

Answer all this in your written response down below using only 700 words!!!!

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