Writing Challenge #5-1 YA Paranormal Romance (Strangers)

On the first part of Writing challenge, I gave you all two writing options. One, write your two main characters as complete strangers who are fighting on opposing sides. One of them knows that they both are enemies, and the other one is completely obvious of the fact. You wrote about how they met, fell in love, and are trying to hide it from others on their side. Someone on one of their sides has found out about the two of them. And is planing on telling their little secret. This new character then puts one of the main character’s life in jeopardy. This causes the other main character to act fast in making in big decision that only makes things turn out worse. 

Write what the decision is. And how it affects both main character’s fate. How does this one rash decision make things worse for both of them? Do they both go on the run from their own people? Are they both looked upon as enemies from their own kind? What new challenges do they face as they run for their lives? Is there anyone on either of the main character’s side that finds out everything and decides to put a stop to the one who told on them? And why? Who is this newest character to one of the main characters? A best friend? A sibling? Someone who loves one of the main characters, and decides that instead of being angry that he/she isn’t loved back decides to help them out? 

Write all this using only 700 words!!!!!!

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