Day #9- Writing a Young Children’s Book

download (1)So far, we have completed eight days out of the 14 for writing young children’s books. By the time we reach day 14, you should have a series of young children’s books written. We are officially past the halfway mark! Today’s writing challenge idea to write about our super cute, lovable, and mischievous little puppy!  Lucky loves exploring as we have seen in the previous challenges. Today, Lucky is going to Egypt. To discover the Egyptians tombs and pyramids. As Lucky and his family get to see the enormous ancient buildings and listen to the ramblings of a mummy’s curse.., while Lucky trails off to find vast treasures. What Lucky doesn’t know is that he will stumble upon a tomb robbing. Being careful not to attract the robber’s attention, Lucky backs into a small space bumps into the wall and sneezes from the cloud of dust. The robbers having heard Lucky sneeze yell, “After him”! Oh no, thought Lucky. Lucky runs as fast as his little paws will carry him as he sniffs his way back to the others. Write what happens next to Lucky. Do the robbers try to kidnap Lucky? Will they robbers get away with the ancient mommy’s jewels? Or will Lucky be there to stop them? Write your response down below!!!

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