Writing Challenge #5-2 YA Paranormal Romance (Friends)

For the YA paranormal romance book writing challenge, we chose to have our two main characters be the best of friends and lovers. They started out being mortals, being on the same side of the war, and trying to destroy every immortal being. Now, they both are on opposite sides of the battle going on between the mortals and immortals. The battle has been going on for centuries. During the biggest battle ever, they suffer major loss on their side and not only that but one of them gets captured. This main character is already beaten badly due to fighting against the immortals. The immortals decide they were not finished so they torture the character even more. As though testing to see how weak the mortal really was. Not giving them the satisfaction they wanted, they decide to turn him.

Back at the battle grounds the mortals have suffered a major loss in soldiers, their numbers  already cut in half they were losing hope. Heading back to mortal camps to seek medical treatments the mortal warriors head home. Lora Kingston, feeling numbed at watching her best friend and lover being captured was enough to put her whole body in sock forever. All mortals knew that once captured, all hope is lost. No one ever survived from being an immortal captive. The immortals displayed the mortal captive bodies out to prove to the mortals just how much stronger they were. Feeling sick, Lora heads to the practice ring. The one place for mortals to practice fighting and to build up their strengths. The only thing Lora wanted to do was revenge her best friend’s death. To kill the immortals who took Kevin from her. She was more than willing to die trying to avenge his death than to sit around mourning.

Kevin wakes up, realizing he’s still alive. His body felt different.  All he remembered was being captured and then being tortured badly. To the point he wished they’d just pierce his sword right through him. But they didn’t. He can still breathe, smell, and see. What the hell is wrong with me, he thought. His vision blurring and his pulse increasing, Kevin could only think of one thing… They changed him. He was no longer a mortal, like his best friend and love, Lora Kingston. Shit. He can’t be one of them. His hatred was strong enough. Why did they change him. 

It’s not long before Kevin grows use to his changed behaviors and differences. He wanted to rip them apart. To make them suffer for changing him. Yet, he wasn’t strong enough to fight them. All he knew was that he would strike when he was ready. And then he had to see Lora. Oh, gosh, Lora. Knowing Lora as long as he did. He knew she wouldn’t rest til she avenged his death. Shit, not good. He had to escape out of here. and get to her before she dies trying to kill the immortals on her own. 

Lora, preparing her things for tomorrow’s journey to seek revenge for Kevin’s death, silently slips into her bed for the last time. Thinking of all the memories her and Kevin both shared, tears started falling down her flushed cheeks, into the quiet night.  Kevin using all his strength breaks out of his room and into the black night running to Lora. Hoping with all his might he reaches her before she heads to the immortals. 

Hearing noise outside her room, Lora wakes. Taking her sharpened blade her grandfather gave her long ago she tip toes nears her window. Carefully looking out, she sees nothing but utter darkness. No sounds. Just quietness. Turning her back against the wall, she patiently waits, listening for the sounds she heard before. Not hearing anything she heads back to her bed. But lies awake. 

Kevin having reached Lora’s bedroom window, jumps onto a tree scrambling up to her window. With the racket he’s making he is surprised she hasn’t come to see what the noise was. Carefully he lifts the window open, sliding in halfway before being attacked. Being held down, by something warm and utterly female..Kevin let’s his attacker do what she wishes.  

Lora hearing the window open and seeing it with her own eyes prepares for battle. Once the man slid halfway in, Lora pulls him down fast, twisting his arms behind his back hard. After she felt she had him in a death grip she silently asked him, who he was. Kevin, now realizing the female was indeed Lora, relaxed. Feeling relieved she was still at home. “Lora, its me, Kevin. You can let go now.” Unbelieving her ears, Lora let’s go of her intruder completely. “Kevin?” 

“Yeah..it’s me.”

“Omg.. but it can’t be. You were captured and tortured. I saw with my own eyes..”

Seeing the trail of tears streaming down her face, Kevin silently moves to her side and gently caresses her cheek, wiping the tears away. “I know. I should be dead after what they did to me. But I am not. I am here now with you.”

“How..?” Lora grasping him closer to her. Needing to feel him close to her. Needing to know he’s real.

“They changed me..” 

Lora stepping away but looking him directly in the eyes said,” No, that can’t be.No one has ever survived by them..”

“I should be dead. I was tortured. They do not keep mortals alive. But, I am. Feel how real I am. I am warm just like you. I can breathe, smell, see, and do all you can do. So, tell me how that is, if I  have not been changed?” 

Write what happens next using dialog. Remember to write using only 700 words! 

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