Writing Challenge #5-2 YA Paranormal Romance (strangers)

So far, we have written about two main characters as complete strangers who are fighting on opposing sides. And that one of them knows all this and the other one is completely unaware of the fact. You wrote how they fell in love, and were trying to hide it and then someone found out and reported them. This then caused more trouble for our  two main characters and their kind. Both sides are battling each other in gruesome wars. Killing and taking prisoners and changing them. All that left our characters on the run. From their own kind on each side. Then suddenly we introduced another character who deals with the informer and gets control over the whole situation trying to help the two love birds. This helper is very influential and comes to their aide because he/ she was in love with one of the main characters.  

Now, we need to write about what happens next. First, we need to create yet another conflict. Let’s say the male character who is in love with our female lead character ( the first two characters we created), what happens when they bond their love together? And how does this help prevent his kind from killing her, the mortal enemy? After their helper finds out that due to our main characters love bond that the enemy side hasn’t and won’t bring harm to a mortal. All are stunned. Mortals have been fighting these immortal warriors forever because they harmed mortals before. Now they just stop because one of them is in love with a mortal? What does a bond between the mortal and immortal characters mean? And how is it unbroken? Does this bring about a peace treaty to both sides after centuries of battling each other? Write how you want this first book of the young adult paranormal romance series to end?  

You want a tougher challenge? Add a cliffhanger at the ending..

A cliffhanger makes your reader want to know what happens next…

And to find out what happens next…they will just have to read the next book!

Advice on how to begin the next book in this series, I would start off mentioning how our two characters are doing after there has been several years of peace since their bonding. Now new trouble is stirring up. 

Name the troubles going on… and write from there.


Best of Luck from the Universal Creativity Magazine Inc!!!!

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