Writing Challenge #7-1 Science Fiction/ Fantasy Adults

Today’s writing challenge for adult novels in sci-fi fantasy, we will be writing about how a group of NASA scientists have been working on creating a time traveling machine that allows people to go back in time all over the world. The only problem is that they are missing one thing in completing the time machine. Dr. Robert Reynolds is also, a scientist who has been known for research and trying to rebuild a time machine. The group of NASA scientists hire Dr. Robert Reynolds to help them complete the time machine. What they didn’t expect was for Dr. Reynolds to be transported in time through the machine when turned on. Write what happens next. What is Dr. Robert Reynolds experiencing as he’s being lead back in time? Where does he land? What time period is he stuck inside? And mention what happens to and while Dr. Reynolds is stuck there. Does he help out with something important? Is he held as a captive? Also, be sure to write about what happened back at NASA Headquarters after Dr. Reynolds was transported through time.

Be sure to write all this in a 700 word response!!!! 

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