Today-14th Day of Writing a Young Children’s Book

Today, is the last day out of the fourteen days of writing a children’s book together. But fear not. There will be more children’s book ideas, advice and tips posted daily. Except, instead of givig you a character, a conflict and a plot , I will tell you to come up with each of these on your own. Sometimes, I will give you one of these three and leave to gigure out the rest. Which will be interesting to read. Because the plots and characters will be different. And exciting!
So, for our last challenge for writing a young children’s book, I thought hmmm…I can give you one of the three main ingredients for making a story and allow you to do the rest. I will help you write your story along the way but you get to decide what you want.
Today, I will give a conflict. The conflict is: your character is sad about his loyal dog’s death. He/ she knew this dog since they were born..A new dog, a stray who is hungry and very dirty trys to befriend your character. But your character keeps chasing the stray away because the character is still sad about his/her dog. Write how they stray sticks annoyingly by your characters side no matter what your character does your shoe it away. Write what happens to the character, where the stray comes to the characters rescue and how the character falls in love with the stray. Then write what happens when something bad happens to the stray…will your character lose the stray dog too?
Post your responses down below for feedback.

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