Writing Challenge #6-2 YA Science Fiction/Fantasy

Today’s sci-fi fantasy for young adults challenge is:  Using only 700 words write a background information on the person helping Melanie Hermes disappear from the CIA who are after her. To make it more interesting let’s make this character a male, a year older than Melanie,16 years-old, who was in the same position that Melanie is now in. What is his story? What differences are there between his and Melanie’s situation? What are they going to do next? Does Melanie trust this guy in helping her why or why not? What happens when they go out in the open to get extra supplies? Are they followed? And what are they followed by? Why is the government genetically re-engineering alien mutations for their own use? and how are they going about it? What happens if the government succeeds? Write about the ifs.. and their current situation of being seen and followed by super high technology DNA sensors,

Write all this using only 700 words down in the comment area below!!!!! 

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