A Viking Warrior- Continued… YA Time Travel Romance

With Mr. Fletcher attending the required meeting for the night Nora takes Kilgore on a mission to break into the Summoner’s house. Looking for anything that would help them discover a way to get Kilgore back to his time era. To help his people out with their current war and to see his family once again. 
Fully dressed in black and equipped with the necessary tools both Nora and Kilgore  head to the Summoner’s home. Once there Nora takes out her lock pick and carefully unlocks the front door. While Kilgore stands guard with his warriors axe made of  stone and strong red maple wood with his family’s Viking crest carved into the handle. 
Upon unlocking the door both Nora and Kilgore breathe a so of relief until the see something black running fast towards them. Loud barking soon followed as the black moving object came closer , Nora sensing that  was Mr. Fletcher’s pit pull grabbed Kilgore and dragged him into the house before he could toss his axe at the barking mad pit bull. Shutting the door firmly behind them closed, Nora finally relaxed. 
“What was that creature that chased at us called?”
“That creature is called a pit bull.” 
“What is a ppipitpit bbububulbulbullbull?”, Kilgore asked.
“It’s a dog whose nature is meaning and vicious. They are usually used as fig I dogs or guard dogs. Not all dogs are pit bulls. Nor are all dogs mean and vicious.”, Nora explained.
Hmm.Weird creatures thought Kilgore.
“So what do we look for exactly?”, asked Kilgore.
“Look for any piece of paper like this”,said Nora waving up a piece of paper in the air at Kilgore.
“Kilgore just looked at Nora like she was crazy..”We came out here and were almost attacked by a pit bull for a piece of paper?”, Kilgore asked inconfusion. He could not believe this..
“Not just Amy piece of paper, one that has info about time travel existing and how it works..”
After searching the house for an hour, both Nora and Kilgore were about to call it quits when Kilgore found a piece of paper hidden inside a book on a small coffee table. Lookin at the piece of paper,  reads through it and discovers of was what they were searching for. “Hey, Nora I found…” but before he could finish telling Nora what he found, a car pulls p into the drive way..
Shoot.. this is not good, Kilgore thinks. Quickly going by Nora in another room tells her to get out now through the back. Nora following Kilgore to the back door… hear the front door being opened..

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