A Viking Warrior- Continued…

Upon hearing the door open, both Nora and Kilgore freeze. Waiting out the right moment to open the back door and run as fast as their legs would take them. But now they’re stuck waiting it out in the room hiding. Stuck like sitting ducks waiting. The person’s footsteps were heavy as they walked around the small home. Opening and closing drawers, going in and out of rooms, and knocking all the books off the bookcase onto the floor. 

Kilgore and Nora, not know I what to do nor what to expect sit in silence as they wait. Both just sitting and watching as the mysterious person continues on with the raid. Silently 
listening, both Nora and Kilgore hear the sound of a cell phone go off. Kilgore not knowing what the sound was  had Nora silently explaining to him what a phone was and how it works. Kilgore was amazed at the device. And its power.

 Curiosity nabbing at them both they scoot closer, carefully as to not let the intruder know they were there  they watch as the person grabs his phone and talks. Dressed all in black, the tall, muscular man grabs his ringing cell phone and talks. “Hey,boss. Yeah, I made it in easily. the front door was unlocked but no signs of anyone home. Maybe the old ,an forgot to lock his door. No, worries I’ll be put of here without him even knowing I was in here. Yeah, I searched the place but no signs of the damn paper.He must have taken it with him to that teacher in-service meeting he had..Okay, heading out. Yeah, yeah I’ll check out his place later on.” Stunned Kilgore and Nora couldn’t believe their ears. Why would anyone be after the time traveling in formation unless they know it’s real..
Exchanging looks Kilgore and Nora knew this wasn’t good. It was hard enough just for them with the Summoner,Mr. Fletcher, let alone deal with others who were desperate in getting the same information as they were.

They noticed the way the mysterious man was dressed. Completely in black from head to toe, with a knit mask covering his head and face. Leaving only his eyes, noes and mouth bare. How strange they thought. Soon another vehicle pulled up. Oh no! They thought. How were they going to make it out? “Shoot”, said the intruder. Looking for an easier way to escape and quickly, the intruder climbs out the window. Running fast with the menacing pit bull chasing after him. Just about to go out the back door the hear someone approaching. Quickly , taking shelter once more they wait out.

Having heard and seen the man run out of his home, Mr. Fletcher walks into his house noticing the mess everywhere. Suddenly, feeling angry for having published all about the time travel machinery information, the Summoner runs to the coffee table where his book still laid..
hope seeping through him..just maybe the man didn’t find the paper containing everything on time traveling..
as he picked up the book and flipped through it’s pages no sign of the paper was to be found.

He should have known it was a fool’s hope. All was lost..without it time traveling was impossible..There was no way of tracking down the paper. Feel I super angry at himself , he picks up the book and tosses it across the room. Falling to the mess already on the floor. After everything they just witnessed , both Nora and Kilgore decide that Mr. Fletcher was trustworthy. Feeling bad about everything, they step put from their hiding spot.

“Mr. Fletcher?”, Nora asks as she slowly walks towards her fromer school librarian.
Hearing a young female’s voice calling his name, Mr. Fletcher looks up to see Nora walking towards him. And Kilgore standing beside her. Angered because the paper was lost and gone forever, and frustration at the kids intrudi in his home and the mess on the floor, he angrily askes, “What are u doin in my house? Especially you, Nora, you are an honor student. I expected better from you.” Embarrassment over coming NRA and feeling super guilty, Nora looks down at the floor. Kilgore feeling that it was all his fault for bringing Nora into this mess speaks up,” It was my fault, Mr. Fletcher. I am Kilgore. A Viking’s son. Shipwrecked after a storm destroyed my father’s ship. Now here I am in America. Nora was trying to help me find my way back home, Sir.”
“Well, Kilgore as noble as you are, you both are inside my home unwanted. So, both of you will be punished. Both of you will clean up this mess and anywhere else where it’s messy. Then we will discuss about you getting back home.”
“Yes, Sir.”, they both replied. “Good, now get started.” Sitting in a chair, Mr. Fletcher watches them work. Making sure they clean up right. After nearly an hour and a half later they go finally finished cleaning . and with Mr. Fletcher’s approval they all sat down in his kitchen. “Who was that man that was here?”, Nora asks breaking the room’s silence.
“I don’t know who the man was,Nora. But I do know why he was here.” Watching go of their expressions showing full attention he continued telling them, “Ever since I published an article and book about a time traveling machine that works, people have been breaking into my home searching for anything that mentions of the time travel machine and how it works.”
“But, we all know time travel does not exist…at least I didn’t till I met Kilgore on the shoreline wearing viking clothes and holding an axe..” “That’s is what’s so strange about it. Unless you have traveled to an unknown place in time…or in your case meet someone  from a different time era, you would not believe in such a thing..”, Mr. Fletcher told her.
Nora and Kilgore exchanged glances. “I have that paper about your time travel machine”, said Kilgore. ” I took it before that man came, when I thought it was you returning.” “Can I see this paper, Kilgore?”, asked Mr. Fletcher.
Getting up and walking over to hand Mr. Fletcher the piece of folded paper..Mr. Fletcher instantly recognized it as e paper. “Thank you, Kilgore.”
“So, what happens now?”, asked Nora.
“Well, considering the fact the man might come back, I’ll let you and Kilgore keep it safe for now. Then we can discuss how to get Kilgore  home…”
Taking the paper back, Kilgore and Nora agreed to keep it safe.

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