A Viking Warrior- YA Novel written by me

Prologue It is the year 874, when a young Viking warrior named Kilgore is washed upon unknown shores. Not knowing where he is or what day it is was frightened by the mere sight of a young female of his age. But dressed so differently than young girls from his time and people.

Present Time Chapter One

Young Nora, decided to walk along the Atlantic shore for fresh air when she discovers a young man of her age, dressed in funny clothes. Like he came from a different time period. Curious as ever, Nora walks closer to him and realizes he’s dressed like a Viking. How strange she thought. Nora seeing how the young man was frightened decided to speak softly to him. “Hi, I am Nora. Who are you?” “I am Kilgore, a Viking’s son. Where am I?” “A Viking? That cannot be. It’s 2013 and this is America. Also known as the USA.” “America, you say this is? It cannot be 2013 because it 874. Plus, I have never heard of America.” Laughing, Nora managed to to say, ” Yes, it is America and also the year 2013. Where did you say you came from? And if what you say is true, then how did you here?” “I am from Iceland and my people are at war. There was a storm and our ship got wrecked from the lightening. The ship was also leaking very badly. It was one of my father’s prized ships. When I awoke this morning I found myself here on shore and you are the first person I have seen so far.” Nora watching Kilgore as he told.her his story and who he is and how he got here was puzzled. For surely he had to be crazy or joking with her. But he seemed sincere and truly puzzled and lost as well. “Hmm.. I don’t know how you ended up here Kilgore. Or as to how I can help you go back to your time period. In my world people would think your crazy for saying what you have just told me. They will put you in a crazy house house for weird people. But I can help you out with new clothes to wear for you to fit in and a place for you to live while we research a way to get you back. That is if it is even likely that time travel works. I can’t guarantee that you will be able to go back home Kilgore.”

“Kilgore looking a lot more relaxed smiled at Nora, ” Thank you, Nora. I will appreciate all the help you are willing to give me.” Taking Kilgore’s hand Nora led him to her home. Once there she grabbed some t- shirts, pants, socks and a pair of shoes from here brother’s room. Thankfully her parents were visiting her grandma and her older brother Josh was away at college. “Come on, you can stay in my old tree house for awhile. It is sturdy like a house.” “What is a tree house?”, Kilgore asked Nora. “You do not know what a tree house is?” Nora asked him skeptically. Not believing he didn’t know what one was. How could one not know she thought. But judging by his confused facial expression, she let out a sigh of unbelief. As she waited for him to change in the bathroom she explained to him that it was like a miniature house for one’s kids to play in except built up in a tree. Kilgore listening to every word Nora said was fascinated. How strange to waste such good lumber to build a mini house just for kids to play in he thought. Finally inside the tree house and settling his Viking clothes, Kilgore looked around to find blankets, pillows, a window, table with two chairs and a bookcase. “Wow, this is pretty cool.” “Thanks. So, this is where you will be staying until I come and get you every day. I will bring you lots of food and drinks and other stuff as you need them.” ” Thank you, Nora this will be plenty and I appreciate all of this.” Trying not to blush from the simple comment Nora turned to face the window as she explained her world to him. And all of it’s different customs. By the time she finished telling him everything it was dark out. Luckily her parents werent her.to scold her for.being outside so long. Rushing to head back to the house, Nora promised Kilgore that she would make him breakfast in the morning. Kilgore learned so much from what Nora said bout her world and couldn’t believe all.the strange yet fascinating innovations and customs. “Night, Kilgore.” “Good night, Nora.” Blushing yet again, Nora practically ran back to the house.

The Research

Kilgore waking up got redressed in the clothes Nora gave him last night and headed down to Nora’s house. Just as he climbed down and started in the right direction, both he and Nora clided with each other in their rush. Grasping both her arms Kilgore managed not to knock Nora completely to the ground. After getting her balance back both Nora and Kilgore started to apologize at the same time. Laughing, they both walk into the house together. Smelling the delicious aroma coming from the kitchen Kilgore felt starved. “Smells delicious, Nora.” “Thanks. I hope you like the pancakes and bacon once you taste them.” Stuffing his mouth full of the delicious food before him and gobbling down his orange juice, Nora starts laughing so hard. Swallowing his food, Kilgore looks up at Nora wondering why she was laughing and what was so funny. He also found himself liking the way she laughed. “It.is like you haven’t had anything to eat for a year by the way you ate”, explained Nora. Laughing too, Kilgore helped Nora with the dishes.”Well maybe it’s because your cooking was just really really good”, he whispered to her. Feeling nervous Nora decided to change the topic. “Okay today you and I are going to the public library to research time travel and about your people. Maybe there is a way to get you back in time to your correct time period. But if not you are always welcomed to stay here.” “Thank you for letting me know that I am welcomed to stay here. But I need to find a way back to help my people and I need to know my father made it alive.” “I know. I am sorry.” “You have nothing to be sorry for Nora. You have been an enormous help and a wonderful friend.” Then we shall hurry and try our hardest to get you back home, Kilgore.” Smiling, Nora felt a tad bit better but would miss him shall they find a way to get him back home. If they could find a way to get Kilgore back to his people Nora was going to have start planning a way to explain Kilgore to her parents.

Grabbing the keys and his arm, they head out to the public library to start their mission in finding out how time travel works and about Kilgore’s people. Kilgore could not believe his eyes when he saw cars and buses as they walked to the library’s main doors. The building was huge and old still having it’s original stones in place holding up through all the years of worn. Kilgore ended up asking Nora a million questions on this and that and how or why. Before going through the doors Nora warned him that he must whisper only. Otherwise they will be kicked out and not able to get him home. Silently Kilgore walked into the library with Nora. Heading into the small computer lab Nora and Kilgore start their research. As Nora searches time travel on google search engine, Kilgore is distracted when a bunch of girls that Nora goes to school with walk by checking him out. Waving at him and giggling the girls walk on by. With his tall height and broad shoulders and dark hair and green eyes, Kilgore was a guy every girl dreamed of. Nora noticing her classmates flirting with Kilgore felt a pain of jealousy swallow her up. So, she decided to interrupt Kilgore’s gaping stare at the girls asked him what year he was from even though she knew what the year was. Still being ignored and super jealous, Nora stepped on his foot. “Ouch. That was not nice Nora.” “And neither is ignoring the person trying to help you get back home and too busy watching those girls walk by.”

Kilgore noticing a touch of jealousy smiled at Nora. “Jealous?” “What?? No, I am not jealous, just you shouldn’t ignore a friend trying to help you.” “Okay. I am sorry Nora. I should have been paying more attention especially since you have been kind enough to help me out.” Seeing her cheeks turn color, Kilgore couldn’t help noticing how pretty Nora was. Instead of telling her, Kilgore decided to keep the thought to himself. It was cute watching her get jealous even though they hardly knew each other. Chapter Three The Mean Librarian “So, what does the internet say about time traveling?” Stunned by how fast Kilgore learned about what she told him so far was amazing how he adapted so fast. “There’s a website here that says that time travel is teal and a curse if used wrongly. If not done properly the summoner who started the portal could be stuck going through time with the person that he sends away.” “Go on.” “It also says that unless there is an amicable agreement among the summoner and the summoned both will be stuck together in the same time period but a different time period than their own.” “That website is off limits, Nora”, said a gruff older voice from behind them. “How is it off limits, Sir. Especially when it doesn’t go against the computer policy usage”, stated Nora.”Log off, now Nora or else!!” Rushing to defend Nora, Kilgore punched the older man in the stomach and grabbed Nora running out of the library. “Kilgore, why did you punch the librarian?” “He was going to hurt you, Nora.” “But he is always threatening us students. He never harms us just threatens to put us in detention for two weeks.” “Nora did you happen to notice who wrote the article on time travel?” “Yes, it was written by…oh my gosh it was written by the librarian whom you just punched in the stomach!!” “That’s why he didn’t like you looking at the web site..” “What are we going to do now..? Plus, he’s going to make the connection from the website to the web page about Vikings. He is going to know now. And know you are the one he summoned here.” “How will he know that I am the summoned one?” “Because he knows all of us students. And your not from here. Plus the sites we were on didn’t help”, Nora sadly explained. “Then we will come up with a plan. And I will confront him myself, alone. I don’t want him to hurt you Nora. He’s already taken me away from my family and home.” C

The Findings

Back at the tree house, Kilgore and Nora go over their findings and the interactions with the Librarian. Also known as Mr. Fetcher. Using her old brother’s laptop they dig deeper into Mr. Fetcher”s life biography. They found out that the librarian was not married, had no kids, worked at the public library and wrote a novel bout time travel. “Wait a minute why does it say he worked at the library? Doesn’t he still work there? We just saw him there yesterday..” “Yes? he did work there up til the day he found you and I at the library researching and all..”, Nora stated. “Hm..so, why would he just quit like that? Unless he knows we have connected the dots by now..and he thinks we know that he’s..” “..the Summoner, the one that summoned you through time.But the question is why you?” “That I do not know, Nora.” “Well, then we should find out why you?” Looking at her like she was crazy, he hesitated before asking her, “and how do you suppose we find out why he summoned me?” Giving Kilgore an I have a plan grin made him groan in frustration.

Laughing at his obvious I am not going to like this made her feel warm inside knowing some how that he cared about her. “Oh my plan is not that dangerous, Kilgore.Plus, you have not even heard my plan yet. So, therefore you cannot judge it yet.” Biting his tongue and grounded his teeth, knowing full well from her expression that there was some type of danger involved. He didn’t want to see her get hurt from this. But knowing she was right, he gave her his full attention waiting to attack any thing that involved her getting hurt. Seeing that she had his attention she told him that she knows where Mr. Fetcher lives and that all the have to do is hack in when he is not home and search for any information that would help them.Nora also explained that since he just retired he still has to attend the faculty meeting tonight. Which is when they will go to his place searching for information. And that it would be easy to hack in because the cabin that he lives in is old.And has been done before. Not believing his ears, Kilgore agreed with Nora’s plan on one condition that she listens to him if he tells her to leave. Agreeing but not liking the terms they get ready for tonight. To find out what happens next read the next book in the series, The Viking’s Plan. Thank you for purchasing and reading my book. Hope you enjoyed the characters as much as I

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