Dark Uprising Book #1- paranormal romance written by me

Prologue Count Dracula’s son, Matthew Simmoms, is left with the decision to take his father’s place as king of the vampire race, or he forfeits his rightful place to the throne. Being young and carefree, Matthew was not ready to accept his rightful place in his father’s throne. And that was a major responsibility to take over. He wanted to explore the world a bit before being tied down with nothing but huge responsibilites to take over. His father sensing the battle going on within his son offered Matthew two choices. One to take over his father’s spot now or go out and explore the world some before accepting his rightful place as the new king. Matthew knew deep down that his father was counting on him to accept his place but, he still wanted to go explore. But there was the fact that if he didn’t take over soon all peace and order between humans and vampires would be destroyed by those who only wanted power and make humans suffer. Matthew was out exploring the world. So far, he has been to Paris, Rome, Eygpt and New York. Now he is enjoying himself in Flordia. The Atlantic Beach was just what he needed before heading back home. Taking over as king of the vampire race. His father would be happy and proud once he took over his rightful place. 

Chapter One

 Walking along the shoreline in nothing but his swim trunks, Matthew enjoyed the sensations of the waves crashing about his feet. And the wet sand sinkning beneath his bare feet with every step. The sun’s warmth beating down on his bare chest show casing his perfectly ripped abs. Until far away along the shoreline did he hear a young female’s voice in distress and two male voices. Voices he immediatley recognized from the clan of vampires that resist everythin his father, Count Dracula had established for the enitre vampire race to live peacefully among humans. Matthew’s protective instincts for the unknown woman had him using his every once of speed he could muster to resuce her in time. Hopefully he wasn’t too late. As soon as he got there he shoved the two meancing vampires away from the human. Dodging the two vampires every move and bout to kill them both right there, but couldn’t do it in front of a human as to let known that vampires really exist he decided to threaten to kill them as soon as he sees them again and wont hesitate. Matthew sensing the woman’s pain and the smell of her blood tosses the vampires as far away as possible watching them scurring away. Rushing to her side he heals her gashing wound and all pain instantly leaving her. Seeing what those bastards did to this woman left Matthew wanting to go after them now and finish his threat to kill them both. Feeling her emotions flooding through her, Matthew wasn’t sure what to do or say next. Withering in pain and bleeding way too much Melanie knew she didn’t have a chance at defending herself against the two men. Actually she wasn’t sure what the heck they were. All she knew was that they have been following her every where and harassing her for a reason she didn’t know. Now they have followed her here to the beach where it was secluded and no one to hear her scream with the ocean’s waves splatering noise covering her own. Bleeding and soaring pain from where they atacked her all she could do was watch as a man came rushing out of no where to defend her. To Melanie’s surprise the man was very capable of holding his own against the two bastards. Whatever they were.She didn’t care, plus she had a bigger problem on hand. Trying to stop the bleeding and pain that was non stop. Next thing Melanie knows is that the handsome stranger was bending down taking hold of her arm and using his hand uttered some foriegn words. Instantly the pain in her arm stopped and the bleeding gone along with any trace of her wounds. Feeling completely relieved and happy to be alive to survive another day so many thoughts flooding her mind making her feel dazed with all the questions, Manie looks up into the face of her rescuer. Matthew gazing into the woman’s eyes senses her fear and gratitude. Not knowin what else to do he helps her up and tells her to come with him. Stunned Melanie doesn’t hesitate in following Matthew’s order. Taking her into the city at a local resturaunt that wasn’t busy and taking the fartherst both he and Melanie sit down. Melanie feeling relieved and calmer now because her rescuer took her somewhere popular and public felt a lot safer being with him.Ordering Melanie a huge dinner told her to eat because it will help her heal more if she ate.

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