Get Gone- Poem written by me

I find myself wondering

but in my case it never helps pondering

I’ve got all day

so why don’t you just stay

I can’t promise you the sky

so don’t go asking me why

because this is how I roll

with every thing taking it’s toll

like i’m being pushed

and being forced to shushed

and that’s not all

bc i’m going to be the one to make the call

this time

and i’ll be sure to make it rhyme

so back off

this is not your little loft

my word for you is NO

so now GO

you’re not wanted here

and swipe that leer

off your face

because this is no longer you’re place

I’ll be better

because i’m ripping your letter

I will no longer bare

your pointless stare.

or show you my meanest glare

so get out of here

before your car gets a tear

now that you’re gone

im going to take out all my prettiest little lace things to wear

because I can

and you are no longer part of my future plan

because ill find me a good man.


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