Writer Alert!!!

Hi! I am posting this alert out for all writers alike. It doesn’t matter what you write. Fiction or non-fiction. All genres are welcomed. I have created a digital magazine that is free for all to read, view, interact with and much more. The magazine is called Universal Creativity. The first issue which was in early March has been posted on here. Check it out whenever you like. In this magazine it features, advice, tips, jobs, free reads, a way to expand your reading audience by submitting in your works to be published for free for  others to read your works for free. To notice you as a writer. To gain more publicity. To have a place to show a future employer, yes, I have had my works published. Published digitally in a Magazine. I do not make money from the magazine!! I created it to help new and old authors to get noticed by a bigger audience to have somewhere for them to publish their works! All for free. Being a writer, I love anything that is free and is a way to help promote my writing career as a self-published author! The second issue of Universal Creativity will be coming out in a few days time! There is a deadline submissions page if your interested at all in participating in the future! Thank you! And best of luck!!!!!!

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