Writing Challenge #8-1 Creative Brainstorming

In today’s challenge, we are going to brainstorm ideas for a novel. What type of novel..hm.. Well, let’s say you choose as we go along, your characters, your conflicts, your settings all your way! First, let’s choose at least two characters. One good character and one bad character. Creating a protagonist and  an antagonist. So, to do this we need to brainstorm… what type of characters do we want? For our good and bad one? What do they look like? How are they different? What are their ages? We can use things in the fields of  beauty, brains, and brave. What traits does each of your characters have that goes into one or more of these three categories? What imperfections does both your characters have that make them realistic to your readers? What are their names? Why are they against each other? Is there a grudge? A tragic accident that happened that caused them against each other? Mistrust? Fear? Jealousy? 

Fill out the answers to these questions for each one of your characters. Plus, add what each character feels, or thinks of the other one. Are they both the same gender? Or different genders? 



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