Writing Poems

Writing poems is hard for me to teach to others. Because, I write all my poems based off my feelings, and emotions as they come to me. Another way that helps me write my poems is by competition, if a poet writes a poem that I like, I feel that I have to write one to top the that the poet wrote. So, then begins my poet competition. Sometimes, my friends and I write poems back and forth to each other. It’s fun and a creative way to get your poet to come out of you. Do not think of how to write a poem, or what to write about. Just write or in this case type whatever comes to you. You may be surprised what you write! Writing poems for me is fun and easy. I can’t tell you anything on how to write different versions of different kinds of poems. But it does help if you read, read, and read a lot of poems. Hope this helps! Best of luck in writing poetry!!!

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