Because of Me- written by me

everything was going perfectly,

just for once,

and then i made a decision,

and all hell broke out.

what  to do?

i thought.

 oh what am i going to do?

will i make it?

will i never get past this?

my heart quickens,

as i see my fate before my eyes,

i can sense its not going to go

well, yet it was of my own fault.

hold could i have been so wrong?

usually my instincts a re a lot sharper,

yet, today they were not there,

as if they’ve left me all alone,

to fend for myself,

because of the choices i had

made once before.

now its all tooo  too late,

the verdict has been passed,

the tension growing stronger,

the pain sinking deeper as though

a thousand needles were being forced into my skin.

my heart only beating out so loud, oh god can u hear me?

i thought. yet no answer.

i have to try and fend for myself.

yet to  no prevail.

i just have to wait..

and wait for the torture to begin again..

except it will be magnified to the extreme now,

my sense feeling all worn and torn out,

i close my eyes hoping all would solve itself.

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