Writing Challenge #6-3 YA Science Fiction Fantasy

Today’s writing challenge, using only 700 words write what happens to Melanie Hermes and her new friend as they fight for their lives and do the most dangerous thing ever! They are going to break in where Melanie’s father worked on genetically engineering mutations cells of aliens. Write how they break in to the most secret building ever and did I mention the highest level of technology used to keep others out? What type of advanced technology do they have to go through before finally getting in? Do they know where to go once in? How did they know exactly where to go and how to get there? And what type of protection at each spot? Does Melanie Hermes friend know the answers to all of these? If so, was  his parents the ones who built and designed the building for the CIA and other top level government officials? Write how Melanie and her friend succeed in in stealing her father’s blue prints for genetic engineering mutation cells. Write all this using only 700 words!!!!!

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