Writing Challenge #10-3 Suspense Novel

Write about a character having two horrible parents who are abusive. What do the parents do to their child. And why? Is it because they can’t handle alcohol? Is it because they have anger management issues? What happens when the police come to inspect the child and investigate the parents? Write how the child is saved and is placed in a new home with caring people. Write how this child grows up and is in his or her mid twenties and is now being chased by his or her parents. The parents want revenge in their sick minds, blaming their child for placing them in jail. What happens when the leave threatening notes, break into their child’s home and goes after their child’s foster parents. Write what happens when one of the parents snaps and looses control…and kills the foster father of their child. Write how the police are narrowing in on them and how the force their child to come after the remaining foster parent before its all too late…. write all this in 2500 words!!!

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