Writing Challenge #10-6 Adult Romance

Let’s write about a man and a woman who were happily married, were having a baby, live on a ranch. The husband spends all day and almost all night working his ranch.. leaving his pregnant wife alone inside the house til he comes in eats gives her a kiss, shower thrn sleeps. Write how this wife feels..how she feels like their romance has vanished.. how she feels unattracted by her husband. How she misses spending at least a little more time together .. write how she goes into labor early… loses their baby and how the husband pretty much ignores her. Not knowing how to handle his grief or how to help his wife he turns to his ranch work to relieve his pain and loss.. while his wife suffering the loss of their child, feeling like shes lost her husbands love, and doesnt have him now when she needs him most…  write how she decides to leave him while hes out working the ranch. Then files for divorce and lives somewhere else.. write how he struggled with the realizatiin that he lost not only his child but now his wife too. Write all this and what happens next using only 2500 words!!!!

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