Writing Challenge #8-1 Romance Novel

Today’s challenge, we will be writing a romance novel. For this romance novel that we will be writing, we will be writing about an average everyday woman who  is struggling to support her and her parents. Her parents need the help of a nursing home. Clara, is a painter at night, and a librarian during the day. Her paintings are really good but won’t be accepted unless she has someone with influence to help her get her work into its own exhibit for others to see. Clara’s car breaks down on her way home. Write how a multi-billionaire owner Micheal Maxwell, comes to her rescue.Write how sparks fly between them while he helps, get her to start working again. Also, write how everyone thinks/knows Micheal as a playboy.Micheal is not a playboy despite what others think and say about him. He had to work hard to get where he’s at today. Write about all this using only 700 words!!!!!

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