Lucky goes to the Air Force

Today’s children’s book series, Lucky visits the Air Force Base. Write what happens when looking goes sniffing around into trouble. Luvky wanders off as usual to go searching. As he searches he heads over by the planes. Being a small puppy, Lucky is almost invisible to the pilots. Because they weren’t expecting a tiny puppy wandering around so..close to the planes. One man, not looking where he was going trips over Lucky causing his to turn on a switch. The switch sends a small model of one of the top planes flying around. The planes crashes into a nearby wall after a few zig zags. The model plane cost a fortune to make and now it laid in ruins on the concrete floor. The man who fell was so..mad he went after Lucky with a broom. Shoing him far away. In a testing field nearby, Lucky heads near a group of pilots stashing away stolen money onto one of the planes. Lucky watching them decides to stop them.Runnig full ahead Lucky bites one of the pilots, barking loud enough for all to heat. The pilots trying to catch Luvky end up knocking into each other. Soon other pilots and workers run to where Lucky is. Siting up by the stolen money stuffed inside cargo boxes, Lucky barks letting them know he saved the day.
Write how the money was stolen and where it was stolen from. And write how Lucky gets to fly in a fighter jet. Write all this in your response down below!

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