Writing Challenge #10-7 Mail Order Bride

In today’s writing challenge, we will be writing about a 25 year-old woman who runs away from her arranged marriage to a cruel old man by answering a man’s reply for a mail order bride. Having written letters back and forth they agreed on her coming on the train tomorrow arriving to a vast land with a small town. The land was farming and ranch lands. The man was 27 years-old, with a little girl who needs a woman’s touch. The pooor man didn’t know how to bake or make pretty dresses for his 6 year-old daughter Emily. He decided to make an order for a bride. After a week, he started receiving letters to his order for a bride from a woman two years younger than him. He reread the letters over and over. His daughter Emily was nervous. Thinking her new mommy might not like her or will leave her like her other mommy did. The girl’s birth mom left her and her father for a life in the city. She didn’t want to work or to be isolated from people. She loved parties. So she left them. Maggie Kendall was a hard working woman who knew how to sew, wash, clean and bake. She could also cook well. Maggie also loved to read as many books as possible.Maggie felt bad for Matthew and his daughter Emily. She couldn’t wait to see them tomorrow. Having snuck out of her parents home with the train ticket and extra money and her small bag, Maggie ran to the train station boarded the train and was finally on her way to a new life. One full of new adventures and two kind people. What will Emily think of her? What would Matthew think when he finally meets her? She hoped he would’nt send her back or away. She had no where else to go. 
Write all this and what happens next when Matthew, and Emily meet Maggie. How will the farm/ranch life be? What is the state of Maggie’s new home? And will Matthew love her? Answer all these using 2500 words only!! Please rate this!!!! Thank you!!

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