I Know-poem

i know.. its sad,

 and hurts like hell,

 but it has to be this way,

 i cant go on lying anymore

it’ll hurt worse if i had kept on going.

but u’ll know that i was just doing whats right,

u’ll know that i did was had to be done,

and no matter what happens ,

just know that i do care about you.

 that i care if your sad or happy,

 and that i can feel your pain ,

 just as if it was mine.

but in the end , one day, we’ll both be happy that we did,

and we’ll let this day pass like it never happened, to us.

i know its gonna be sad..

i know its gonna be a long journey for both of us,

but its one that i gotta take.

its just what i have to do.

because i cant stand lying to you.

maybe one day, you ‘ll forgive me and say, its alright.

don’t you cry.

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