Summer’s Love-poem

As I turn the small door knob made of brass,
I look out into the open field of tall grass,
There far, far in the center is a young lass.
Her golden hair swaying in the summers gentle breeze.
Her skin like porceiln glowing brightly in the morning’s sun.
I try with all my might to shake my mind loose of the thoughts of her and I having fun.
Only if she would look at me,
but then again what shall that do, 
if she to leave soon.
Halfway to me and she starts running as fast as those tall slender legs of hers would take her.
Soon we meet up, but before either one of us can speak, she clings to me tightly ands starts
sobbing upon my sleeve.
Meanwhile, all I can do is hold her tightly to me.
Just when I thought she has stooped crying, she gazes up at me with those pierceing blue eyes,
and says to me, “Im not leaving.” 
Upon hearing those words coming forth from her, every vein in my body is pounding with joy and happiness with a profound new energy racing thro me like never before.
I just stand there as tho frozen in time.
My ears not wanting to believe what was just said.
she clings to me to me even closer, and says in a loud whisper,” I love you”.
Hearing that from her sent my whole mind buzzing with new ideas. 
stuff we could do together for the summer.
sensing her so close to me, mad my arms wrap around her tighter yet.
then very slowly, I brushed my lips upon her forehead, then to the top of her nose, and gently but hestistantly to her soft , lips. the sweetness making my mind buzz even more than ever. 
hastily i kiss her, all over again. hearing her sigh deeply and feeling her whole body relaxing in my grasp.
I casually make my way down to her cheeks, her lips and her jaw. the texture of her silky hair , sends ripples of pleasure up and down my spine.
thy other hand tightly, tightly around her waist keeping her as close as possible. 
neither one of us cared if it was scorching hot out or the tiny mosqittoes bitiing into our flesh.
Soon, the sun would be seting and casting bright colors into the sky.
Finally after several long moments we take each others hand and depart back to the hotel. Leaving behind us the beauty of nature.

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