Children’s Writing Book Series

Today,we continue with Lucky and his adventures. The cute, loveable, mischievious little puppy. Lucky helps a young boy learn not to give up his dream of being a picther on the baseball team. Lucky helps the boy by having him practice throwing the ball and Lucky running after it. After awhile the boy becomes good at throwing. Lucky is happy his new friend is doing well. Later on at practice the boy throws every single ball well enought that the coach is proudof him. The coach’s son dislikes his fathers approval of the other boy. The coach’s son decides to act friendly to the other boy and have him hangout with him and his friends..but what happens when the boy goes to meet them? What do they do? How does Lucky come to the boys aid? What happens to the coach’s son? And why? How does Lucky bevome a mascot for the baseball team? And does the little boy that Lucky helped end up being a catcher? Write all this in your response below!

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