Writing A Children’s Book Series

Today’s Challenge we will be writing about Lucky going to China. Lucky and his family get to explore the Great Wall of China, and other very important artifacts from long..long.long ago. Write how Lucky causes chaos inside an artifact store knocking down an artifact. This artifact that Lucky knocked down was a very ancient,expensive, and valuable part of China’s History. But what everyone doesn’t know is that the artifact was a replica of the real one that was just stolen. Who would go examine an ancient artifact that’s broken? The thief thinks he was clever and is getting away with the crime. Till Lucky comes knocking the thief’s helpers down. And the real artifact is laying right inside of the truck. Lucky starts barking loudly. The police, the shop owner, and Lucky’s family come to see what is going on… They shop owner and the police find the real artifact and name Lucky a hero. For saving a part of China’s History. Write all this in a response down below.

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