Writing Challenge #11-5 Bakery Mishap

Write about a woman who owns a bakery shop, has three older brothers, and finds a wounded man behind her bakery. She finds no identification on him. He does have a gun shot wound to his upper right shoulder, in which she tended to. Looking down at the man she realizes how handsome his features are before she chastes herself for oggling the poor man in his wounded state. Every day she tends to him. Feeding, bathing and changing his bandage. After a while trouble finds it’s way to her bakery shop.Mysterious men who look like military come to buy sweets from her asking if she’s found or seen a wounded man. After telling them no and closing her shop, she instantly fears what is going to haplen to the man. Her three brothers finally find out what she has been up to. They help her move the man out of the bakery to a diserted cottage that her parents own. There they all take turns helping the man heal. Write what happens next and who the man is. Why was he injured? Who are the men after him and why? How does the woman get into trouble? Doss the wounded man come to her rescue in time? And what type of work do her brothers do that helps the situation? Will the woman and the wounded man both die at the hands of the men after him? Write all this using 2500 words only!!!

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