Writing Challenge #11-6 Murder Mystery

Penny Polluski, a freelance writer, is estatic when she finds out her work is being turned into a Hollywood moive. Glenn Dwyer is know as the leading actor for one of Penny’s main characters. Penny’s job is to fill the actors in on her characters. But when a dead body is discovered with a note with Glenn Dwyer’s name on it, none of the facts nor the actor’s ailibi add up. Thats when Detective Sam Terrell steps in. He decides to follow Penny’s every move til he can mark her off the suspects list. But Penny has her own ideas. She decides to ask questions. If the murderer isn’t found soon the movie will not continue. Someone other than the detective is watching her every move. If Penny isn’t careful she wont be able to continue writing.Write all this and what happens using 2500 words only.

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