Novel Challenge #12-4.1

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Kyle Andrews was living alone until the death of his brother and his sister in-law. He was then left with the custody of their four children. The youngest one is an infant, the next one two, then four, and the oldest is eight.

Today we are  going to add another addition to the previous challenge above. Ready? Well, here it is:  

Kyle Andrews was living along until the death of his brother and his sister in-law. He was then left with the custody of their four children. The youngest one is an infant,the next one two, then four, and the oldest is eight. Wait!!, shouted Kyle to the child service woman rushing back to her car. “How am I suppose to raise four children? Especially an infant!”, he asked her. “You will survive”, she told him briefly before taking off out of his driveway. Turning back around he saw the children’s faces staring back at him. Walking towards the children he gently takes the infant out of the eight year-old’s hands and tells them to follow him inside. Once inside, the kids follow his every step. Carefully placing the infant on his big bed, he looks at the other three. “Hey, I know how you guys  are feeling right now. It’s not easy losing your parents. Your father was my older brother. I miss him too. But, now we all have to make the best out of the worst situation”, he told them.

Still staring at him, the eldest child steps up and hugs her uncle for the first time.

Stepping back she says, “My name is Claire, and I’m eight, my brother Tim is four, my sister Grace is two, and the youngest is Matthew”.

“Hi, Claire, Tim, and Grace, I am your Uncle Kyle.”

Tim hiding behind Claire peeks out at his uncle and asks, “Are you going to give us away?”

Looking at the young boy, and feeling his heart break he says, “No, little guy. You all are stuck here with me till you all are grown up.” Then snatching up the boy and Grace who waved at him heads to the kitchen with Claire following him.

“Are you guys hungry? I can fix you something to eat?” Nodding their heads, he took that as a yes. After making them sandwiches, he went to check on the the infant. Just as he went into the room. A young woman appears at the front door with goodies and a chair. “Hi, is Kyle around?”, the woman asks Claire. Nodding her head she runs to her uncle and tells him about the lady. 

“Uncle Kyle! Uncle Kyle, there is a lady that wants you!”, shouted Claire. 

Laughing, Kyle takes the infant in his arms and takes Claire’s tiny hand and heads back to the kitchen. The woman was standing by Tim and Grace. Watching them color on sheets of paper and commenting  on what they drew. “Can I help you?”,he asked. 

Looking up, the woman sees Kyle. Oh, boy they were not kidding when they said he was handsome. Those old ladies knew a good looking man when they see one. “Yes, I saw the children being dropped off here and I live next door so, I thought you could use this high chair for the infant. And I have a crib on the front porch for you to bring in as well. I kept them for my sister’s kids, but they’re bigger now”. 

Kyle listening to the woman was grateful and he couldn’t believe his luck. A crib and a high chair for the infant! God was helping him out. All that was needed was to get the other kids settled into their own rooms. “Thank you, very much. I appreciate the crib and high chair. Can you watch them for a bit, while I bring in the crib?”, he asked. 

“Yes, I can”, she said laughing. 

Leaving to go get the crib outside, He couldn’t stop from smiling. God provided him with things he needed for the infant. All will be well. That was until after he got the crib in and headed towards the kitchen that he saw the others in a panic. “Matthew isn’t breathing!”,screamed Claire.  Oh no, Lord. Please don’t let the baby die too..


Write what happens to the infant, does he live, or does the infant die? How would this affect the children having just lost both their parents? And will this woman help Kyle with the children? Will the children start school soon? Where does Kyle live? In a town, city, or out in the country? Write all this in your response down below in the comment area for feedback. Use only 500 words In addition to the previous challenge and the one just given!!!! 

Best of luck!!!! 🙂



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  1. I love the idea of putting a writing challenge at the end of your post! Once I’ve finished posting my novel ‘Azure’ I’ll have a go!


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