Novel Writing Challenge 2

This writing challenge, you will be writing about a man who went to Afghanistan to fight for the U.S, and how he watched  so..many of his fellow marines died fighting against the other side. During the fighting, he risked his life trying to save one of his marine buddies, but as he was halfway there a bomb blew up. Sending debris flying everywhere. His buddy now completely gone and his leg damaged from a blow from the blast, he struggles staying conscious.

After spending 6 months in a hospital back in the States, he decides to head back home to his parents. Only to find out that his parents are now in a nursing home and there home, they gave to a young woman who was kind enough to help them while their son was away.

Feeling exhausted and for the worse, he heads to the nursing home. There he visits his parents. They tell him that he is to share the house and property with the  young woman for three months. After the three months, half the farmland will be split between the two, unless their son and the woman get married then the whole property was to be theirs.

Write how the marine heads back to his parents place, the place where he was born, to spend three months in the small house with the younger woman. Describe what this younger woman is like. Her personality? What scars does she have? And how do they both help each other heal from their wounds. Is marriage in their future? Can they live together for three months? Write all this and what happens next using only 1200 words!!

Best of luck!!!

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      1. If I wanted her to sell me her half of the farmland I had to make a good first impression. I walked across the street and knocked on the door. No reply. I knocked again and again there was no reply. After a few minutes of almost non stop knocking I walked to the kitchen window and true as day the house keys lay on the counter nearby, as I reached for it through the window I realised that the reason that the girl wasn’t answering the door was because she was in the shower. I sighed…
        I unlocked the door and walked into the kitchen. Now what? I decided to wait. After a minute I decided to wait with coffee. The shower stopped and suddenly the only sound was the kettle boiling. The silence was eerie and before I could think about it I broke it.
        ‘ Hallo. ‘ I know you’re here I’m -‘ ‘
        Before I could finish a hot blond in only a towel with an umbrella held high burst into the room. This was not what I expected and before I could take it all in the umbrella hit the side of my head.
        ‘ Out, out, out! ” she yelled at me swinging the umbrella at my head. I had no choice but to back out of the house and the minute I was outside she slammed the door in my face. Way to go Jim, I thought to myself, great first impression.
        ” Jenny ” I said remembering the name my parents said belonged to her ” I’m Mister and misses Thompsons son Jim, sorry if I gave you a fright if you could please let me in I’ll make us coffee wille you get dressed then we can talk about our living arrangements? ”
        After a moments pause she opened the door and walked into the guests bedroom without a word said.
        She came back as I added milk to my cup
        .”Milk, one sugar ” she said sitting down. I handed her the cup and for a moment we sat in silence ” its Jenna actually not Jenny and as long as you remember that we shouldn’t have a problem ” I nodded and started thanking her for taking care of my parents when I was gone, immediately starting to make up for the bad first impression. I will have her half of the farmland I told myself.

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        1. WOW!!! It is good. Like super super good! Omg! I am so happy that you decided to reply to the writing challenge!
          Your response, is realistic, charming, funny, and alluring. Wow. I seriously would love to see what you write next to continue this writing challenge!!! You amazed me with your response. Thank you, for doing so. I loved reading it! I look forward to seeing you respond to more. You’re an excellent writer with talented skills that readers will love to read! 🙂


          1. Thanks a lot for the good word.
            The fact that you liked it came as quite the surprise to me just now since my vary unstable enter net connection died on me when I was writing it and I didn’t even know it was sent.
            So you liking it really made my day the only way to make my day better is with cupcakes… I think I’ll go bake some 😀


            1. Your most welcome. Your style of writing and your words and the realisticity of your characters brought to life wow me! It was a very good read. And your response I enjoy reading and writing and your response is the start of a good book that i want to know what happens next!!! 🙂


                1. As a writer, i would add conflict by mentiong how the male character thinks he will get her half of the farm as well as his half. There would be a problem that arises that causes them to fight. Something that makes her think hes a complete jerk and just wants all the land. And she thinks he’s also going to try and take the house away grom her too. Leaving her with no where to go. Or i would have another female try coming between the two. Causing mayhem. And mistrust between the two.


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