Novel Writing Challenge

Today’s challenge, is for you to write about how a young girl grows up, is in her early twenties, has health problems, and just found out she was adopted. How does this woman feel? Write how she feels angered at her adopted parents for never telling her before, her anger about meeting her real parents who still don’t want her, and how she and her twin brother were going to be aborted but weren’t. Write how hard it is for her to struggle with her health problems. What type of health problems does she have? Write how despite everything wrong, she finds happiness at the end of the novel. Her twin brother’s best friend always cared for her, and still does. He and her are two opposites. He’s popular and she’s not. They both attended they same college and still live close by. Write how they come together and find happiness together. 

Write all this using 2500 words in the comment area below for feedback! Best of luck!!!!

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