Novel Writing Challenge 3

Wendy Mitchell just moved into the old recently modeled victorian house with her adorable black cat named, Midnight. The house was small smuged in between bigger homes. The house was open, newly done, clean brand new floors, walls, windows and new appliances. Wendy loved her new home. It was just what she was looking for. Bringing in her boxes of books, papers, tablet, and her laptop she heads to her new bedroom. The room was comfy. And spacious. The yellow walls gave it a soft glow. Setting the boxes down on her dresser, she walks over to a painting and straightens. Hmm..why was it off centered? Wendy didnt get to think muh about it when the doorbell rang. Hurrying to answer the door with Midnight following at her heels, an elderly woman carrying a fruit basket welcomes her. Taking the basket and after thanking the elderly woman for her kindness, Wendy offered her to come in, but the woman said she had to head back home. After the woman left, Wendy’s doorbell was ringing again. Well, at least everyone is friendly here she thought. Opening the door, and not seeing anyone Wendy closes the door …but wait..theres a note on the porch. Picking it up, she reads it.
Move out or beware. Hmm.. now thats not being friendly. Who would send her note like that? She just moved in. She has only meet one of her many neighbors.. deciding that the note was just for a scare she places it inside her notebook just incase.
The doorbell ringing again. I wonder who or what it is this time..Wendy thought. Opening the door, standing in front of her was a hot looking man, wavy short dark brown hair, green sparkling eyes, and a body that would make any woman drool. But wjat Wendy noticed most was his amazing smile and shy way.
Hi…im Brad Kingsley, im your neighbor to your right. I thought I should come over and say welcome so…i got these for you.
Looking down Wendy noticed he had chocolates for her. Smiling she tells him to come on in. Stepping inside, Brad couldnt help to notice she had good decorating taste, warm, friendly, inviting, and not to mention beautiful. Oh boy yeah it was going to be hard to be her friendly neighbor.
Thanks for the chocolates.
Your welcome. Its no problem.
Wendy decided to show Brad the note.
Looking at the note, Brad felt protective immediatley.
Can you make a copy of this note, I want to take it in tomorrow at the station and see what I can find out?
You think it’s a real treat and not just a prank?
I think its always good to check it out.To rule outthe possibilty.
Okay, I’ll go make a copy.
Okay..I’ll wait here.
After handing him the note they exchange phone numbers.
Call me if you need anything or stop by. I’ll be home during the nights this week. Unless a case comes up.
Okay, thanks.I appreciate it.
Okay, well then I’ll call you about the note tomorrow.
Okay thanks.
No problem. Later.
Later bye.

Write what happens next and what happens with the note? Will Wendy get another warning? If so how? And what trouble comes up? Will Wendy be in grave danger? And what happens when Wendy gets back home from her book shop to find the painting in her bedroom onve again lopsided.. Write all this using only 2500 words down below in the comment area!!

Best of luck!!!

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