Murder Mystery 3

Today’s murder mystery writing challenge, is for you to write about how Mark’s ex-girlfirend tries pulling Leslie away from him. By hogging Mark’s time with a made up murder investigation. But is the made up murder investigation really just made up? Or does someone really get murdered? If so who, and why? And how is Mark’s ex girlfriend involved. Is Leslie in danger? And how does Mark find her? Leslie isn’t answering her cell. She thinks Mark and his ex are still attached..
Will Mark be able save Leslie in time? Will she listen to him? Or will Leslie die thinking Mark was getting back together with his ex?

Write all this and what happens next using only 2500 words. Post ypur response down below in the comment area!
Best of luck!!!!

2 thoughts on “Murder Mystery 3

    1. Thank you! Thank for responding and writing back! 🙂 cant wait to see what you write next! Also, awesome job in the dialog!!!! 🙂 lots of writers struggle with that.


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