Murder Mystery #5

Leslie and her detective boyfriend, Mark, have been asked as chaperons for the upcoming Spring Ball at the local high school.  Leslie and Mark dressed up to blend in, while keeping an eye on students were having fun. Until a high school student dressed in a pink prom dress walks across stage covered in mud. She falls down knocking the bands microphone along with her. Students start screaming, other chaperons are running trying to calm students down. Mark and Leslie run over to the young girl covered in mud. Leslie calls for an ambulance as Mark checks her pulse. Nothing. He then checks for a wound. He soon finds shes been shot multiple times in the chest and back. As the rest of the police made their way towards, Mark and the victim, the projector screen rolls down. Then a message pops across the screen: Beware or be the next victim! All the students started screaming and running out of the building faster than ever. The police didn’t blame the students for their fright. Who would kill this student and why? Why shoot her multiple times? How did she get covered in mud from head to toe? Who wrote that message on the projector? Was the killer in the gym? So many questions that needed to be answered. The police along with Mark and Leslie, went to check for a nearby place that was muddy. After a short distance by the grave yard, they found a muddy place. There was an indention of foot prints. Along with bullets scattered around. This was where the young high school girl was killed. But why? Who? And who was next? 


Write all this and what happens next using only 2500 words. Please, post your response down below for feedback! Thanks!


Best of luck!!!! 🙂

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