Redemption-full novel by Daniel J. Darcey


By: Daniel J. Darcey
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: The Angel’s World
Chapter 3: The First King of Kings
Chapter 4: The Dark Wave
Chapter 5: First Contact
Chapter 6: The Feros World
Chapter 7: The Forge of Empires
Chapter 8: World Wars
Chapter 9: First Contact Requiem
Chapter 10: Kingdoms verse Super Powers
Chapter 11: Treasures of worlds
Chapter 12: The Taled Incident
Chapter 13: War of the Worlds
Chapter 14: Under the Law
Chapter 15: The coming of Sargon
Chapter 16: The Uprising
Chapter 17: Korena The Unifier
Chapter 18: Corruption and Lust
Chapter 19: Fall from Grace
Chapter 20: Hero’s and Villains
Chapter 21: The Next Century
Chapter 22: The Great Revolt of Tera
Chapter 23: The Forever Siege
Chapter 24: The Last Confrontation
Chapter 25: Shattered Eden’s
Chapter 26: The Exodus
Chapter 27: The Formation of the Federation
Chapter 28: The Lost Children of Z’yon
Chapter 29: A Utopia of a Kingdom the new Z’yon
Chapter 30: The Last Tera Colony
Chapter 31: Playing with Darkness
Chapter 32: An Empire of Tears
Chapter 33: The Human Consortium Rises
Chapter 34: Rising Tensions
Chapter 35: Appendix

Chapter 1:

The sun has gone down and a big ball is happening at the Great Utopian Palace. Thousands of people have arrived. This is the celebration of the end of the Great Darkness. Also another of the Empress’s grandchildren was just born, and this has doubled as a celebration of a birth of two new royals. One of the Empress’s children just had yet another set of twins.
The court room is filled with the nobility of the Utopian Kingdom and the wealthiest of Darkcon Republic Society. Some of the Federation’s political elite are also present. The Pro-Counsel was even able to make an appearance. She was the daughter of D’var the last Pro-Counsel before her. She is Princess Korena to the Utopians and Darkcons, to the Federation she is Praetor or Pro-Counsel Korena, just like her father. Her Princess title is because of her mother, Empress Asora.
There are more children running around then adults. The majority of all that are in attendance are family, with a few friends.

Eighteen little children all younger then ten years of age manage to sneak away from the celebration and into the main hallways. Several are Humans, Elves, Rakliks, a Mermaid with legs, and an A.I.
“Come on,” a young boy whispered. He waved his followers to follow him.
“Where is this treasure?” the Mermaid girl asked.
“I heard that the guards had it in the tallest tower,” another girl said.
“And how is this better then being at the ball?” an Elf boy demanded a little irritated.
“Its better then listening to all those grownups talk about boring stuff,” the leader boy said as he climbed up a pillar to see what was down the hall.
“I’d rather eat,” the Rakliks child complained.
“I promise it’s going to be fun, Urks,” the leader boy assured his friend.
“You may be a Prince, Halase, but you can’t make us all do this if there isn’t treasure!” an older Vampire girl hissed.
“Relax Syas! It’s here,” Halase assured her.
The children sneak passed the guards and climb the long stairs up the tower. There was only one door at the top of the stairs. Gently Prince Halase and the others push open the door to see what was in the room. It was a bedroom.
“Halase! This is someone’s room!” Urks said firmly.
“It is,” another older woman’s voice said.
An elderly woman in her late nineties, with white hair, and a purple dress. She looked down at the children and smiled. Prince Halase and six other children bowed to her. The others bowed to her.
“Empress Asora! Please forgive us,” Syas begged bowing her head to the Empress.
“It is quite alright, I could hear you all coming up here. Halase is right too, there is treasure here,” Asora smiled and made eight magical coins appear. “One is of Water, Fire, Rock, Wind, Light, Darkness, Life, and Time.” Asora let the children hold them.
“The coins of power! You are letting us see them?” the Mermaid girl asked wide eyed. Asora let the girl hold the coin of water.
“I told you all that there was treasure up here!” Halase said triumphantly.
Urks snorted at the coin of Life that he had in his sharp nailed hands. “What is the big deal with this piece of gold?”
“These are the coins of power! They let a person to control the eight elements,” Halase told his friend.
Urks cocked his reptilic like eyebrow in confusion. Empress Asora noticed and chuckled lightly. “Do you know the story of the coins?” Urks nodded. “I imagine all of you have, but only the recent history of when I used them?” Empress Asora then sat down in a chair and made a book appear in her hands.
“That’s still a cool trick that you do,” the female A.I. child said gleefully.
“Did you also know that the coins were actually an invention of Z’yon?” Empress Asora asked.
“Really?” the A.I. girl asked wide eyed.
“Do any of you know the story of Z’yon and Terra?” Asora asked. The young ones shook their heads and began to gather around Asora. “Would you like to hear the story.”
“I’d rather hear the story then be downstairs wasting time,” Syas complained. She actually is an admirer of the legendary Empress, and wants to hear the story anyway. She knew little about the creation worlds Z’yon and Terra. Her mom and dad even her grandparents General Sysu and Admiral Yane did not say much about it.
Asora smiled at the dark skinned little Vampire girl. She then waved her hand to create an illusion that would please the children as the Empress told the story.

“This is the story of the beginning of everything. All life began on just two worlds. You know then as Z’yon and Terra. But few know that all intelligent life came from just two old races. Angels and Feros,” the Empress explained.
“My people were one of the first?” a very young Feros girl asked that was in the group. She was the daughter of the newest ruling Princess of the Feros Imperium. In recent decades the Feros have become more open and friendly to other races.
“Oh yes, my dear. In fact your people gave birth to all the technological races, including Humans. The Feros were given Terra as their world. The Angels of course were given Z’yon,” Asora gets interrupted.
“Who gave them these worlds?” the A.I. girl asked.
“The one we Utopians call the Great Maker. The Darkcons call the Great Architect. The Federation call them the Gods,” Asora pointed out.
The magic surrounds them all in the room and all who were in there as Empress Asora told the creation story to all.

Two great all powerful beings wander aimlessly through the endless black void of nothingness that existed between universes and multiverses. They took form looking around holding each other. One of them was an all beautiful woman with white hair and green eyes. She wore blinding white light as a her dress. The other formed into a powerful handsome looking man with white hair as well, with teal eyes.
“This place is perfect, Hasatan,” the Goddess spoke.
“It is Quintessa,” the God known as Hasatan said.
These two kiss and the energy that they generated explode. So much matter and energy surged by them forming their dream realm. Then light started to come into being as the eons marched on.
“I had no idea that this was such a slow process?” Quintessa complained to her lover.
“I told you that universal creation takes eons, not seconds,” Hasatan scolded her playfully. “I guess I better get started.”
Hasatan then began to manipulate the still forming matter, and energy that was still expanding around them. The first galaxy then forms in Hasatan’s hand, with stars, nebula, black holes, and finally planets. This one galaxy was larger then the others starting to take shape. With a point of his finger a planetary system took form. It had over a hundred planets orbiting a super sized yellow star. Two worlds were however made special by his lover, Quintessa. These two worlds were the third ones out, and they shared the exact same orbit around the star.
“Perfect,” Quintessa whispered to Hasatan. She vanished only to appear on the surface of one of them. This one had a very primeval atmosphere of carbon dioxide and sulfur which gave the planet an ugly brown and orange color. “Why did you not give this world an Oxygen and Nitrogen atmosphere right off?”
“You know that is not how things work! If you want an oxygen atmosphere, then you will have to make some extremophiles that can do the job,” Hasatan pointed out.
Quintessa sighed in defeat. She knew that her lover wanted this realm to develop in a natural way. “I guess I can wait until the micro organisms do their jobs.”

Over the next two billion years the micro organisms turned the two worlds that Quintessa loved from poisonous toxic planets to blue more bearable habitable worlds. During this time Quintessa is pregnant with four children. Two boys ad two girls, two different species. When she gave birth, her four children were very different from each other. Two children had pure white skin and where almost energy like. The other two where pure black skin and almost liquid gel like. They all form into more humanoid like beings like their parents.
Over the centuries the children grow up slowly, and they fought each other. She was so afraid that they were going to kill each other. In order to stop this Quintessa took the children with white glowing skin and put them on one of her favorite worlds that she called Z’yon. The other two the black skinned children were put on the other world that she called Terra.
Quintessa hoped that this would keep them safe and she knew that great things  would come from them, when the time was right.

Chapter 2:
The Angel’s World

The two glowing white skinned children that were placed on the world of Z’yon where told that this world was their to do with as they pleased. Z’yon was so beautiful with green trees, and flowers, mountains, streams, rivers, lakes, snow, and great oceans. The two Angels looked around and saw paradise. Nothing on this world would harm them, and there was plenty to eat and drink and play.

As the eons passed these two grew into adults finally and the girl is pregnant with more of their kind. She gives birth to many children through out their lives. Over time dozens, became hundreds, then thousands, then trillions. The population became too much for Z’yon to handle, but that is if the Angels stayed on Z’yon. They discovered that their creation mother the one that they called the Great Maker allowed them to venture into Heaven to serve her and her lover the Great Architect as they knew him as.
The first Angel man known as Serans became the king of al of Z’yon and the leader of the new Angel race. He was a very wise, loving, and kind king. He found solutions to any problem and he was a favorite of women. He did not marry nor did he want to, but he loved his subjects very dearly. His sister the one that gave birth to them all is the Queen Regent, her name was Alasia. Her beauty was legendary and she too was just like her brother in personality. She was so loving, kind, and wise, it was thought that she could be the new Great Maker in the making.

Centuries later after living on Z’yon, eating it’s plentiful fruit, drinking it’s water, and breathing it’s air the children of Alasia began to have children that were not Angels but were of a very different breed. The creatures that were on Z’yon first where mixing into the Angel’s genetics and causeing them to give birth to other beings.
Seran saw the first of these lesser beings and he actually saw the baby boy as a blessing. He called him an Elf, for the boy had pointed ears and looked very humanoid. He was not divine, but he was immortal. Alasia however was not sure of the child that her brother called Elf.
Now Alasia watched as all her daughters gave birth to more of these Elves, and this alarmed her as she saw that the Angel’s pure blood has been contaminated. All of Alasia’s daughters never gave birth to Angels, but instead other beings. The next where these tiny creatures with insect like wings, that her brother gleefully called Fairies.
More of these lesser creatures where being born all the time. Centaurs were next, these odd humanoid creatures that had the lower parts of beasts. The next ones that arose were short stocky people called Dwarves, a name that Alasia’s children came up with. The children of hers that played in the sea’s gave birth to what she herself almost insultingly named Mer-People for being marine based humanoids.
The next set of of creatures that were born were an odd creature, they could control the primitive elements of nature on Z’yon, they got the name Elemental Demons, and anther called Dragons.
Alasia could not stop it. She watched as in her opinion her children willingly contaminated themselves to create these abominations. She had to stop this and get rid of these freaks. But for now she had to mind her time, and convince her brother and her own children to do something about these lesser beings.

Alasia spent centuries trying to convince her children and her brother, with no success. In her frustration Alasia disappeared to the darkest and most inhospitable place on Z’yon. There she will plot and plan her way to make her vision of Z’yon, without the lesser beings.

Chapter 3:
The First King of Kings

The morning dawn shines over a newly built castle, built by the Elves. There are millions of them now. In a cool forest with mountains and waterfalls it sits in view of such beauty. The Elves had quickly established themselves as the leaders of the Non-Angel races. They were the representatives to the High Angels for the ‘Lesser Races’ as they called them. On this day a young man is to be crowned king of the Elves.
Every one of the non-Angel races had a representative at the coronation of the new Elf king. Fairies, Fae, Centaurs, Elemental Demons, Dwarves, Ents, Mer-People, Littleings, Animals, Giants, Daemons, and of course other Elves. Twelve races in all spawned from the Angels.
“Talan! It is time,” a female Elf said to a teenage Elf boy named Talan. He turned around to face her.
“Yes, Sensei T’ika,” Talan said. He followed the older woman out into the castle courtyard where a crowd was waiting. Before they went outside Talan’s little brother came out of the shadows of a pillar.
“Tylus? What are you doing in here?” Talan asked.
“I just wanted to see you before you are made king and you are not my big brother anymore,” Tylus said sounding sad.
“Tylus! We will always be brothers. Do not worry about it, I will remember that,” Talan reassured his little brother.
“Hope so,” Tylus spat and jumped right in front of T’ika.
“Move aside, Tylus. Your brother is to be king and he cannot be interrupted, even by your playful nature,” T’ika told Tylus. When she passed by Tylus stuck his tongue out in defiance. Talan knew and chuckled lightly.

Outside many people awaited in bright warm sun light. A small regal chair made of finely crafted wood and had glowing jewels. Next to the throne stood a beautiful elegant young woman. She wore a white robed dress, and a crown of flowers and leaves in her golden blonde hair. She smiled so very happily at Talan. He smiled back at her, and found her gorgeous. She is destined to be the Princess and Talan’s consort.
“T’yla, wonderful to see you again,” Talan greeted the lady as he came close to her.
“Always my love,” T’yla replied and they placed their hands palm to palm as a virgin sign of affection. It was appropriate and gave the imagine of a strong unifying love.
T’ika ushered Talan to sit on the throne. Another man a Centaur had a crown of gold and jewels on a plush pillow. He went behind the throne and took the crown and gently placed it upon Talan’s head. A roar of applause and cheers came from the crowds.
Once more there where no Angels present at the coronation. They consider these events below them. It insulted Talan, even more now that he had to gravel to them.
The next day Talan and T’yla are in the auditorium awaiting the highest of Angels. Only he could marry them so that they are officially married.
“He is late,” T’yla complained. She did not like the Angel’s anymore then Talan did.
“I know, but you know the old saying. Angels are never late. The whole of Z’yon revolves around them, not us,” Talan said resentfully.
“Perhaps we should consider a new arrangement with the Angels,” T’yla suggested.
“We can try, but I do not see that going very far,” Talan admitted.
“It would never hurt to try?” T’yla thought out loud.
“That depends,” Talan warned T’yla.
A blinding light enters the room and the light morphs into a grand large powerful Angel man. Both Talan and T’yla bow to him in reverence.
“You two may rise,” he said to them gently.
“Lord Serans. We wish to be married before you and the Great Maker herself,” Talan said the formal request.
“I shall do as you two wish. You two will make a loving and powerful family,” Serans smiled down at the two Elves. A light shined down from the sky into the room down upon the two lovely Elves. Serans flooded the room with powerful good magic that surrounded them. “The Maker’s essence shows that your love is pure. You two in the eyes of our creator are one.”
Serans was about to leave when T’yla decided to speak up.
“My lord?” Serans turned around and looked down at the new Elf Queen. “I was wondering if we could reevaluate our relationship with your kind.” T’yla bowed her head not looking up to the king of the Angels.
“What ever do you mean?” Serans asked.
“Our people are treated lesser then the animals that also inhabited this world. I do not want my subjects treated in such a manner,” Talan said backing up his new wife.
“You and your people where given life by us? You and your people are to be grateful to us,” Serans questioned the two Elves logic. He was not angry, but he began to think. He could see their grievances having merit.
“How are we to be grateful if you make us feel so less then the animals?” Talan began to raise his voice looking straight into Serans eyes.
“Show me,” Serans demanded.
Talan waved his hand and made a magic mirror appear to show Serans what they were talking about. The Angel King see’s how from the eyes of the Lesser beings were treated by his people. Seran loved these people, but he forgot that they were living beings, not toys for pleasure.
“I see your point, Talan. I will have a talk with my people on your behalf,” Serans then vanished into a ball of blinding light.
“We did it!” T’yla squealed in delight. She jumped onto Talan and hugs and kissed him.

Serans appeared in a golden building made by the Angels.
“Ah Serans, How was your trip to the Lesser’s?” a black haired female Angel asked playfully.
“I believe that it is time that we start to see the other races differently,” Serans informed the thousands of high Angels.
“Why? They are lower animals. They are below the animals in some cases. They are only smart enough to talk. We build everything for them! We taught them, and protect them. So what is their problem?” a male Angel demanded a little irritated.
“Perhaps Alasia was right. These Lesser Beings are more trouble then they are worth,” a blonde Angel female mentioned.
“Alasia was wrong! Her ideas are too dark!” Serans said.
“But she was right. Maybe we should let her back into this circle. Life must have balance after all. Light needs Darkness after all,” another Angel male points out.
Serans is losing the argument with his fellow Angels. He could not let his twin sister Alasia back in. She would take control of everyone and carry out her mad scheme against the Lesser Beings.

In the dark barren desert a young man an Angel was just born from the intense magic in the air of Z’yon. He did not know who or where he was. A ball of blinding light comes down to him and forms into a naturally beautiful brown haired Angel woman. She was also powerful looking and so very attractive, and young.
She smiled at him, “What is your name, handsome?”
“I…I do not know?” he responded. He noticed the bigger Angel woman looking him over, and then he noticed that he was naked to her.
“For a new man you look perfect,” she said with a sexual smile. “May name is Alasia, I rule all the dark lands of Z’yon. I have also given birth to all Angels. Except you of course.”
“You are magnificent, Alasia. What do you want with me?” the young man asked.
“I want a friend, someone to talk too, someone to listen to me, someone to comfort me,” Alasia said.
“I would love to be with you. You are the only one that cared to find me. I want to be with you,” he said smiling back to Alasia.
“You are going to need a name,” Alasia went into thought. She snapped her fingers. “I will call you Sargon.”
“I like that name,” Sargon said to her.
“Great! I will teach you everything. I will make you my equal and lover,” Alasia held him to her body. She lends down to his face and kissed him passionately. They both disappeared in a flash of light.

Chapter 4:
The Dark Wave

King Talan and Queen T’yla have called together the leaders of all magical peoples. Talan has heard rumors of Angels killing them now. He wants to see and hear this for himself. He heard that the Angels are planning to invite Alasia back into their leadership circles. Alasia was known to all the magical people as a cold hearted monster that wants to kill them all.
“There are rumors of black creatures roaming the plains, coming from the Dark Regions. The place where Alasia dwells,” a Frantic Fairy buzzed in front of Talan.
“I am aware of these rumors. I am also aware of these new black creatures,” Talan said.
“Then what are we to do about them?” a Dwarf master mason demanded waving his hammer in the air demanding.
“I will consult with Serans, and ask him for his aid in these situations,” Talan said as the crowd was a bout to protest, several balls of blinding light floated down to them.
Serans and a number of his followers, soldiers, scribes, and preservers formed, and they looked as if they were in a fight.
“Lord Serans? What happened?” T’yla asked now worried.
“We were defeated!” a female Angel shouted in tears being held by a wounded soldier.
“Defeated? How, by whom?” The Fae warrior king asked. Fae were nine feet tall muscular and beautiful to any race. They are among the most powerful warriors on all of Z’yon. They are also the only race that can match the Angels in prowess on the battlefield and in life. They were considered a step below the Angels. The average Fae admires nature and their designs mirror the nature around them.
“We were defeated by Alasia and Sargon, and their forces,” another male Angel explained.
“Who is Sargon?” Talan asked.
“We do not know who or what he is or where he came from. But he is helping Alasia fulfill her wishes,” a female Angel wearing a crown said.
She was obviously the Queen of the Angels. T’yla recognized her as an advising friend, she was Chyia.
T’yla noticed the Chyia had a special glow to her, that meant only one thing for an Angel, she was pregnant. So the female Elf Queen brought a cup of tea to the Angel Queen to help with the exhaustion and pain. Chyia smiled and excepted the tea.
“Does your child have a name?” T’yla asked.
“He does, his name is Serafus. He was going to be the king of our race one day. But now, I do not know,” Chyia was about to cry. T’yla pulled her to the back and held her in comfort.
“What happened?” Talan demanded.
“Alasia came to the inner circles with her new companion Sargon. She used her words and charms to convince the majority of my people to join her and Sargon’s quest to purify Z’yon. She also revealed that she and her new friend had intimately breed a brand new race, a slave race to fulfill their wishes. They called them Hell Spawn Demons,” Serans explained.
“They must have spent centuries breeding those beasts, because there where billions of them!” another male Angel complained as he threw his weapon, a spear to the ground.
“But there are trillions of you people! Surely your kind can deal with them?” a Mermaid with legs pointed out.
“Where you not paying attention, you bubblehead! Alasia and her friend Sargon seduced the majority of our race to their whims!” the male Angel screamed in the Mermaid’s face.
Talan in response pushed the Angel away from her. “Do not talk to her like that!”
The male Angel was about to punch the Elf King when Serans grabbed his hand. “Enough! Alasia and Sargon are the problem, not them!”
That gave Talan an idea. “My Lord Serans! Train us to fight Alasia and Sargon’s forces. We can be your new army.”
Several Angels laughed at the foolish Elf King’s comment. Serans however thought for a moment, and it is possible, with some help.
“With some training, and magical enhancements, better weapons. It is possible for them to combat our kind and those new creatures that Alasia bred off,” Serans said.
“You are not seriously considering sending these, people to fight!” a female Angel warrior laughed hysterically.
“It can be done. Besides hundreds of your children are Elves, Fae, and Dwarves. Do you really doubt them?” Serans points out. Every female Angel has birthed hundreds or these non-Angel races as well as Angels. The love that a mother is suppose to have for their children was not there for the non-Angels. That was something that Serans felt was wrong.
“Corton! I want you to train Talan’s people and the rest of them to fight and use our magic to combat these villains,” Serans ordered to his only surviving general.
“Yes my lord!” Corton bowed and then he looked down at the Lesser Races candidates. What he saw did not give him too much encouragement. “This is going take a very long time.”

“Again!” Corton yelled at a pair of Elves that are being trained to become warriors.
“But we have been at this for seventeen hours! We need a break,” a male Elf complained sweating and tired.
“The enemy will not tire or stop, so neither will you!” Corton roared in his face. “Perhaps the women are better at fighting then you whimps.”
Corton walked over to the other platform where female warriors where practicing archery and hand to hand techniques. They showed the same unfortunate promise that the men did. Their technique was sloppy and the women in the hand to hand where just slapping each other. Corton thought that keeping these people from fighting was a mistake. It will take a generation to train them all, and they did not have that kind of time.

Corton reappeared before Serans looking disappointed.
“So Corton? How goes their training?” Serans asked.
“To be completely honest. We are in trouble. Their idea of fighting is a slapping contest! They will not survive. It would be shameful to put them into battle even as canon fader!” Corton complained.
“That is harsh. They just need time,” Serans said.
“Sire! Time is the one thing that we do not have! Those children are not going to survive!” the Angel General said raising his voice.
“You care about them,” Serans thought again. “Do you have children among them?”
“Yes I do. I do not want them to die, and they will die. I have four hundred and thirty four children of Lesser Beings. More of them, then Angel children. My first daughter was one of those Elves. At first I thought that she was a freak, but when she held my hand for the first time and looked up to me with a smile. Those taboos became meaningless, I loved her as much as my son who was an Angel,” Corton explained.
“That is good to know. That is why I wanted you to train them. You have the most experience in dealing with them,” Serans said.
“Yes my lord,” Corton sighed in defeat. He vanished in a ball of light.
“You really do believe that all those Lesser Children of mine can fight me?” Alasia laughed appearing behind Serans.
“Yes I do,” Serans said.
“You are in serious trouble, brother,” Alasia laughed and vanished in a ball of light.

Over the next few years more and more and more of these dark beasts and ruined people have appeared on all six continents. Villages everywhere have been raided for there treasures and it’s people raped by these monsters. Mass exodus were common and most head to fortress monesaries that dot the many mountain chains all over Z’yon.
Armies of Elves, Fae, Elemental Demons and Ents fought back against the dark wave. The Elemental Demon’s kingdoms where able to repulse the waves of endless ruined beasts. The Fairies on the other hand, all they could do was run away. The Elves had developed hit and run tactics to harass the enemy.
Sargon then orders the forests burned and the lowlands flooded, to flush out the Elves, and Fae. The Elemental Demons are finally forced out with overwhelming force of ruined monsters.
As the centuries passed more of Z’yon is covered in darkness and more hellish ruined beasts.
There was however only one place where the Dark Wave has not attacked. The Elven palace where Talan and T’yla reside. And it is here that the refugees of Z’yon go to be safe. However it will not be safe for long.

Chapter 5:
First Contact

A ball of fire from the heavens slams into the water near the coastline of a now occupied kingdom. Once the home of the Fairies, is now a wasteland made by the Hell Spawn Demons.
Six of these ruined monster people went out to the coastline to see if what ever it was floating towards them. One of the Hell Spawns spotted a floating object drifting towards them.
“Fish the damned thing out of the water and lets see what it is?” one of them snarled.
With a hook and a line one of them managed to capture it and pulled it in. What it turned out to be was a metal pyramid with glowing edges and it was making an odd noise. An electrical shock surged through the one that captured it. The pyramid then opened up and a metal wolf like creature busted out and looked at them. It had one glowing eye and a set of antennas on its head.
The Hell Spawns brandish their weapons ready to attack. The metal one eyed wolf looked at them and its eye turned red. It stood on its back legs and stood taller then the Hell Spawns. Putting its arms out and its hands spin. One of the Ruined monsters fired arrows at it and it did nothing. The eye shot out a beam of red light. The light completely vaporized one of the Hell Spawns. Then it slices another of the Ruined Monsters with a fast melee attack.
One of the Hell Spawns then runs, and the metal wolf goes after him. Into the burnt out forest the Hell Spawn is unable to hide as the metal monster tracked him and rips him apart.
A Woodland Ent observed the incident and he saw hope for the first time in centuries.

“Falhorn! Are you certain?” Talan asked the giant old Ent.
“I saw it with my eyes. And a raven saw as well. The metal wolf ripped apart the Ruined Men as if they were made of paper. Then it vanished into the scorched forest,” Falhorn explained.
“Where was it heading?” T’yla asked.
“It was heading for the burned out Fairy village of Piaxal,” Falhorn said.
“That place is now cursed. The Fairies cursed it as an act of spite against the Ruined Beast,” T’yla said as a Fairy Princess landed on T’yla’s right shoulder.
“What could it want there?” Talan asked aloud. “Falhorn! Take a small squad to Piaxal and find this metal wolf before the Ruined Monsters, or the Angels do.”
“You think that the Angels will take it?” T’yla asked.
“I do not trust the Angels anymore, after so many turned on us and leaving us alone to die before these Ruined Men,” Talan admitted his hatred for the Angels now.
“It was made of metal, right? Then that would mean that it was built,” Tylus suggested.
“What are you saying?” the Fairy Princess asked.
“Someone or something had to have built it. And it also fell from the sky. I want to know where it came from and who built it,” Tylus said.
“We will find that out when we get it first,” Talan said to his little brother.

A dozen Lesser people of Elves, Fae, Elemental Demons, and a new race called Goblins head out to the cursed Fairy village. Elven Archers and Elemental Demon Berserkers quietly enter the village to hunt down the metal wolf. The Elven Archer spotted the metal wolf and he cannot believe what he has laid eyes on. The metal wolf was in the small town square looking at what looked like a dolls house. A flat red laser light phases around an old Fairy toy.
“Why is it so interested in that? And why is the curse not affecting it like it is with us?” the Elemental Demon asked as he felt his energy fall and his and the Elf’s skin turned grey.
“It is made of metal, perhaps that is why, or maybe it is because it is not of this world?” the Elf answered.
The metal wolf then turned its head in their direction an it became defensive.
“It has spotted us!” The Elf cried.
The metal wolf then goes after them as they ran. A Centaur and a Fae had a magical net made of mythrill and they managed to trap the thing.
“Well, that did not go exactly according to plan,” the Elf complained as he examined the metal wolf closer. It was struggling to break free.
“How are we suppose to get this thing back to the palace?” The Elemental Demon asked. “It destroyed our cart and I am not going to sling this thing over my shoulder.”
“What language is this writing?” The tall Fae asked. Everyone looked at The metal wolf and they all saw strange writing on it.
“It is unlike anything that I have ever seen. It’s not Angelic, nor the black language of the Ruined Men, or any of ours. This means that someone else is out there,” the Elf leader said.
“It keeps struggling!” A Dwarf complained. Perhaps we can use the light paths?”
“The Angels use that. If they catch us we are dead!” The Fairy reminded them.
“We could always let this thing lose on them?” The Dwarf chuckled. 

At he palace of King Talan the royal family is excited about the birth of their first child. T’yla has been so happy that she is having her first child, a prince no less. She will be due soon the baby will come at anytime.
Meanwhile Talan and Tylus are in the courtyard remembering their childhood. They see the burnt out mountains that were once green and beautiful, but are now brown and ugly.
“We are not going to win this. All of our foes are simply too powerful,” Talan said sorrowfully.
“The Maker always grants miracles, perhaps ours is coming, brother. We are fighting for our right to live and be free. That is just cause for a miracle,” Tylus said.
“If a miracle was to happen, it would have by now! The Maker has forsaken us, because we do not know our place,” Talan said with a tear rolling down his eye.
“No! She has not! The Maker love all life. She will save us!” Tylus said steadfast. T’yla walks out to her husband with a menagerie of servants following the pregnant Queen.
A light path opens up and a dozen of the Kings men come through with a magical mythrill net that is holding something in it.
“Your majesty, we have captured the metal wolf,” the Elf said.
“Excellent!” Talan’s spirits rose. He wanted to see this thing for himself.
“This looks like no wolf that I have ever seen!” T’yla said. “What language is this writing, I have never seen it before.”
“Nor have I. Tylus, you know every language. What is it?” Talan called to his little brother.
Tylus looked at the metal thing and the writing in it’s back. He was as confused as everyone else. It was true that he knew every language on  Z’yon but this was not any of them.
“This is no language written on  Z’yon. This is not even of this world! Give me time and I could learn it?” Tylus said.
“Time is something that we do not have. Now we need to know where it came from,” Talan said.
“Why not ask it?” T’yla suggested.
Tylus feeling that they have nothing to lose bends down to the thing and looks it straight into the glowing eye. Tylus then draws in the dirt a circle with many circles around it. ” see this? This is Z’yon” Tylus expressed looking all around. He points the the circle in the center as Z’yon. “Where do you come from?”
The metal wolf seemed to understand what  Tylus was asking. It erased Tylus’s drawing and made another. A large circle with what looked like flames around it. Then it drew nine other circles. Two of the circles looked to share the same line. It points to one of the circles and madet he same gesture that  Tylus did when he refered to Z’yon. It was a small circle the third one out from the center. On the same line that looked like an orbit was another circle on the opposite side. It pointed to itself and pointed to the other circle. Then it wrote in its language what it was called. It had four characters but Tylus did not understand it. Then it looked at the writing in a book that T’yla had for her unborn son. It took it and then changed the writing to what it thought was correct. The metal wolf wrote sun for the fireball in the center and point up at the sun. It then wrote down a new word for its home.
“Tera? Is that were you are from?” Tylus asked. 
The metal wolf just simply looked at him, but it was enough of a yes that Tylus understood.

“So where is this Tera that it says that it is from?” T’yla asked.
“I think it was telling me that it was on the other side of the sun?” Tylus answered the Queen. “And it looked as if it was built, it is a machine of some kind? It was not built by the Angels, that much I know.”
“You asked it who built it? So did you understand it?” Talan asked his little brother.
“No, the language is too difficult to master in a few hours, I need more time and another who would know it,” Tylus sounded as if he was complaining.
“It really does not matter at this point. The Ruined Men and the traitor Angels have overrun us all. We only have this valley now and the lake filled with refugee Merely-People. Refugees from every race is now here, we are crowded,” Talan said sorrowfully. “Give the people what they need, this maybe our final year.”
Then T’yla feels a powerful pain in her swollen belly. She is now in labor. The Fairies surround her and take her to the bed chamber for privacy. For hours T’yla cries out in pain as she gives birth to the new prince. As the sun goes down a baby cry is heard the child was born. Talan ran in to see his new born son. Both Talan and T’yla were crying both from joy and sorrow.
“Tomorrow night we shall celebrate his birth,” Talan cooed the baby. “He should at least get to enjoy that before the end.”

Fairies, Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, fae, Ents, and Sprites prepared a feast and celebrations for the birth of their prince. The last night everyone knew, before the end. So in a true defiant nature they would all be marry and infuriate their foes with happiness and laughter.
The metal wolf on the other hand has broken out of its cage and was acting odd. It escaped into the mountains surrounding the valley. It refused to leave though. What no one knows or understands is that it got a signal and is being told to standby.

Night once again falls upon the last free valley of  Z’yon. King Talan has in his arms his son and his wife Queen T’yla behind him. He is going through the crowds showing his son to the people so that they may know who they are celebrating.
The happy mood is broken by a ball of light, that could only be from an Angel. It was Serans and a few of his followers. They looked tired and worn.
“What happened?” Talan asked.
“We have been defeated. The last hope has gone from this world. I am sorry,” he said as he collapsed.
Tears now became common as everyone realized that their mortality was coming to a head. No hope was left.

A low rumbling thunder came from the clouds and then a series of bright lights. From the clouds a large object slowly descended to the beach where everyone was. This thing was massive and it made a low rumbling pulsating noise. The grey thing looked to have the exact same writing that was on the metal wolf. Its creators are here.
The massive grey spider like thing then landed softly on the beach, a loud hiss of air then nothing. A stairs formed in front of everyone and then a door slides open. Behind the door was a super bright white light. A lone figure in black and glowing gold armor emerged. It looked around and slowly approached the crowd. It looked to be as tall as an Elf but as muscular as an Elemental Demon. It wore black metal armor and the edges were glowing gold. The head was in cased in a helmet that also glowed with four stripes for eyes.

King Talan approached the stranger with his little brother Tylus who were both amazed by this being. It stepped on the soil looked at Talan, it sounded like it was breathing.
The helmet then buzzed and it came apart to reveal the being underneath. It looked like an Elf but no pointed ears, and the hair was too short. This looked to be a male an older male of this race. He smiled at Talan and raised his hand out in an odd gesture.
“I come with greetings from Tera. I am Colonel Atherian Arton. I am a Human from the United Republics,” the colonel spoke in his native language which no one on Z’yon understood.
Tylus approached the Human as he called himself. Tylus made an attempt to speak the language of the Humans, but he sounded like a fool them. Another Human came out of the ship with a device that hummed.
“Can you understand me now?” Colonel Arton asked in a language that Tylus spoke regularly.
“Yes I can!” Tylus said happily.
“Who are you? What do you want?” Talan asked now that the language barrier has been solved.
“We come here to explore, and to evaluate your planet,” Arton replied. “This is quite a party, did we crash it?”
“What does that mean to crash a party?” T’yla asked. “If you mean that you disrupted it? Then yes, but in a good way. Come tell your crew that they may also join it. I look forward to hearing all about you Humans.”

Chapter 6:
The Feros World

Two young children from the Maker are put in a forest region of the other world, the world called Tera by their father the Great Architect.
“This is our world?” the female asked her brother.
“It is Rasiya,” the male said.
“Sartan? It feels dangerous here,” Rasiya said holding her brother.
“We need to find shelter,” Sartan pointed out.

The two black skinned children walk off to find shelter. They started to call themselves Feros. The years begin to role by and the two children grow up learning to survive on this seemingly beautiful but hostile world. They learned to survive in the dense forest with the animals, both friendly and hostile alike.

“Sartan, I feel odd,” Rasiya complained holding her stomach.
Sartan was building a new spear for fishing as he listen to his sister complain. He looked at her cynically, because this was not the first time she complained about this.
“Are you sure, because last time it was just gas if I remember correctly?” Sartan said shaking his head.
“No, it’s not that! It fell different. Like I have something growing inside me!” Rasiya complained.
“Maybe Mom will know?” Sartan said.

Rasiya traveled to the place where she and Sartan where deposited on Tera. There she was surprised to find her mother the Great Maker sitting on a log of a fallen tree.
“Mom? Surprised to see you here?” Rasiya said.
“I knew you would come to me eventually. After all you are about to create life yourself for this world,” the Maker smiled at her daughter dressed in cloth of animal skin.
“You mean I’m going to breed?” Rasiya could not understand this. “How? I haven’t mated with anyone. Sartan is not my first choice either.”
“I did that to you. So you and Sartan would not be alone. Besides you two need to learn how to nurture life as it comes. I know you two have had it hard on this world but it is for the best and you two will be stronger when this is over,” the maker said.

Within a year Rasiya gave birth to hundreds of children that were just like her and Sartan. Little boys and girls grew up fast and learned from Sartan on how to survive the harsh environment on Tera. Rasiya taught them knowledge that she had learned. Once her children reach puberty they go forth in groups of twelve. The twelve groups spread out onto Tera’s nine continents. Rasiya continues to give birth to more Feros and they go out onto the hostile lands.

“Have you seem them?” Sartan asked his sister as she was teaching her youngest set of children yet.
“Seen what?” Rasiya asked.
“Some of your children have had children of their own, are nothing like their parents,” Sartan said. He ushered one of the new parents in to see Rasiya. The father showed his mother the child. The baby looked like a lizard with fur. Despite it’s ferocious teeth the baby was gentle and seemed to giggle at Rasiya as she touched it.
“He’s cute, despite the odd look. What’s his name?” Rasiya cooed to the baby.
“Rakliks,” the father said smiling.
Then a thought struck Sartan’s mind, “What did you and your mate eat?”
“The reptiles that live on the land where our tribe lives,” the father answered.
“The child’s form was dictated by the genetics of the food that you ate, interesting. The child was formed as an evolutionary response. This baby has a better chance of surviving on this world,” Sartan postulated.
“That is wonderful!” Rasiya smiled. “The baby is the next generation that can live here without fear.”
“Have others given birth to his kind?” Sartan asked the father.
“Yes father, there are hundreds of them. But he was the first,” the father smiled.
“I wonder if the other tribes have seen a similar phenomenon?” Rasiya asked.
“It’s possible. We should find out,” Sartan said.
“I’ll send out a telepathic message to the leaders and ask them,” Sartan said and he left.
“Oh he is just so cute!” Rasiya smiled. She could not help but be happy to see the new miracle. She as seen evolution begin and this baby is a response to the hostile environment, and would thrive.

Sartan was communicating with the leaders of the other tribes to see if they have children that are different. It turns out that yes, all twelve tribes have odd children that are better suited to the environment of Tera.
He had learned of twelve new species that have spawned from his kind. There are now Rakliks, Tritonians, Priors, Insectoids, Xerons, Predawns, Avions, Giauls, Fauikans, Bactirus, Sulican, and Humans.
Sartan and Rasiya are impressed and thrilled by this evolutionary drive. There are already millions of these new creatures. The children of Rasiya teach their children how to live and even speak. So language is formed with the children of Tera.
The Humans seemed to learn the most and make use of the knowledge. These new young creatures form the first Non-Feros civilization and form their own culture. They do worship the Feros that gave them life as gods, and do everything in their name. The Humans however are surprisingly xenophobia to their brother and sister races, most noticeably the Insectoids.
When the Humans first encountered the Insectoids the xenophobic nature of the two species made the encounter very violent. The Humans related to the apes that roared Tera’s forests were bulker and faster thinkers. The Incestoids related to the insects and arthorpods that lived in Tera’s jungles, are more energetic and smaller then normal. The first wars on Tera are fought between the Humans and Insectoids. These battles last days, and the wars last years. The other races then learned from these two races and make war as well.
The most brutal first wars were between the Rakliks and Tritonians. These two species argued over anything and the violent fighting scared many. But in these wars the first alliances are created. Between the Rakliks and the Humans, the Tritonians and the Predawns.
The Humans had the first real trained professional army and as well as the first iron and bronze works.
The Feros decided to not interfere as they watched what was happening. The Humans seemed to advance much more quickly in conflict. This trait is shared with the Incestoids and the the rest as well.
Sartan and Rasiya thought that they and their Feros children should let the N.G.’s or Next Generation Races should be allowed to do this. This caused advancement in every possible area of science, technology, culture, tactics, wisdom, and so much more. Rasiya insisted that the Feros should only interfere when one of the new races is about to be wiped out. The Feros will teach them to get along, but how they use that knowledge is anyone’s guess.
Rasiya watched as the Humans forged the first civilization and then it became the first empire of Tera. The Empire of Man.

Chapter 7:
The Forge of Empires

On a hot day in the desert a massive army of Humans march against a city that is populated by Predawns. The Predawns are a nine foot tall hulking race of men that have battled the Humans and the Rakliks for centuries. The Predawns had smooth features and the men are very muscular. No noses, large heads and six fingers.
The Humans and the Predawns have been at war for more then five hundred years. It is at this time when the thirteen races have their own nations. So there are twelve nation or Empires. So the Empire of Man, the first true nation on Tera has battled others for a quest of supremacy. The Predawns nation known as the Enclave has the same ambitions as the Empire does.
The Predawns city is one of their largest and is the key center to the entire region. The two million man Human army gathered up outside with siege machines and a new series of weapons never before seen in the fields of battle on Tera. Two in particular were most terrifying, the crossbow and the cannon.
“All arrow men! Open fire!” the Human archers unleash a volley of arrows in a cloud that seemed to darken the skies. This tactic drains down the defenders as the Humans foot soldiers assault the walls of the city.
The Human solders wore red and black metal plated armor, sandals instead of boots and they wore helmets made of bronze and iron. Every Human warrior has at least two weapons. A sword and a projectile weapon.
“Sir the archers have unleashed the second volley. The cannons are ready,” a woman in an officer’s armor plated in gold, said. The Humans are the only race that allow their women to be equals and fight as well.
“Excellent, colonel. Fire at will,” the General ordered her.
“Yes sir! All cannons fire at the walls. Make them come crashing down!” the Colonel ordered to her messengers. They ride off on horseback to the various cannon battalions. Minutes later the cannons open up and hurl heavy iron balls at the stonewalls. The walls seem to explode violently sending debris and bodies into the air only to rain back down as wreckage.
Once a large enough hole had been made thousands of Humans stormed into the city. Thousands of Predawns soldiers and defenders with swords of steel and stone strike back. The first Humans that enter the city where slaughtered and the bodies thrown back to the next wave that came in. In an hour the Human’s vast numbers overwhelmed the defenders and it is the Human’s turn to slaughter the Predawns warriors. Human Stalkers mostly Women enter into the city center and start to pick off city leaders as they spoke to the scared masses with crossbows. Another Human military unit known as Wraiths sneak in behind enemy lines and assault the defenders from the rear. They killed the defender’s reinforcements.

Three days of bitter fighting have finally come to an end. The Humans have taken the city. They now round up all the Predawns that they could find.
“I wonder what the Enclave will do now that we have their largest city?” the female Colonel asked walking down the street next to the male Human General who was on horseback.
“It’s their largest city yes, but not their greatest or their capital. Until we do capture those two, the Enclave will never fall,” the General said to his best Colonel.
“They will fall to us, eventually. The Empire of Man has never been bested. We have territory on every continent and command the largest civilized domain. All other races merely copies us. We are the Feros’s favorites,” she said to the General.
“Don’t allow your confidence to get the better of your intelligence,” the General warned. He has heard this before. It was true that the Empire has never been beaten in war, but it has lost many battles in its two hundred thousand year history.

On another continent on the other side of Tera another war is underway. A war between the Rakliks and the Yurks. The Rakliks nation simply known as the Conclave and the Yurks nation is called the Commonwealth. The Yurks have created a plague on the Rakliks farmlands. This angered the tribal chieftains of the Rakliks Conclave. This war has lasted for two decades as the Rakliks savaged the Yurk’s nation. The Rakliks are simply larger then the Yurks and stronger physically but the Yurks are smarter. The Yurks have fashioned rifles. They have seen the Human’s cannons and made then small enough and light enough to carry.
A line of Yurks a hundred in lines of four formed and open fire with the first rifles. They were terrifying to the Rakliks, but the battle chieftains saw that the rifles were not accurate at all. The spectacle was enough to scare the mighty Rakliks into reconsider fighting. At the same time the Yurks not wanting to invite Rakliks anger again. Both sides sit down at the table to negotiate peace.

The Feros watch both of these events merely as spectators to the wars, the peace processes, the creation of laws.
The thirteen super nations all eventually fall apart from economic collapse, invasion, sickness, or natural disasters. What was once thirteen nations are now almost two hundred. Each one unique and very different. The collapse of the old world order or the first world order took five hundred years as these nations decayed away. Smaller nations formed and a dark age came to pass for at least a thousand years before a renaissance took hold in a small Avion nation called Calasia. Art, philosophy and new ideas flourished there. In a Human country called just newly formed from a larger empire like nation experiments with a new form of government.
The nation calls itself the United Republics. It is a collection of even smaller territories that formed a larger nation. It is the first true democracy on Tera.

In the forest in the dead of night Sartan saw a massing of physic energy coalescing. The energy from a lightening bolt strikes it and a person forms in the wake. Sartan see’s what feels like a powerful Feros the most powerful Feros being born, but it looked Human a Human female. She had black hair and green eyes. She looked to be a teenager, and she was tall and very beautiful even by Feros standards.
“Who are you?” Sartan asked.
“I do not know? Where am I? Who am my?” she asked Sartan.
“You were born of all the power and energy of Tera. You’re a gift,” Sartan said. He smiled at her. “My name is Sartan, I am the father of the Feros race and the other races here. But for you I guess that I’m your big brother?”
“My big brother? Do we have a family?” she asked with a hint of glee.
“We have a sister. Our mother and father live in heaven. They created all life and the Multiverse itself,” Sartan said helping up the naked young girl.
“I would like to have a name,” she asked.
“Then we will give you a name,” another female voice said. It was Rasiya and she had a white cloak form in her hands for the new girl. Rasiya was shorter then this new girl, but Rasiya was happy to see her and impressed. She then thought of a name. “How does the name Korena sound to you?”
“I love it. My name is Korena! Are you my big sister?” Korena looked down to Rasiya.
“I am, Korena. I’m so happy that I have a sister now. I have some help to keep Sartan from getting into trouble,” Rasiya laughed playfully to her twin brother.
“Hey! I will have you know that I’m a man that doesn’t go looking for trouble,” Sartan said.
“Yeah but you can also make it,” Rasiya laughed.
The sibling playful arguing made Korena laugh. She felt loved by her new family, her big brother and big sister.
“So Korena. What are you? You feel like a Feros. If you are you’re the most powerful one that I’ve ever seen. But you look completely Human? It’s your pick to which one you want to be. We will not hold it against you,” Rasiya asked the taller woman.
“Could I be among the Humans?” Korena asked shyly.
Rasiya and Sartan smiled and nodded their heads in approval.
“Of course you can. In fact you could lead them and help them whereever you can. They need guidance anyway,” Sartan pointed out. “And who knows, you may lead them one day.”
Korena smiled and then hugged them both. They both returned the hug and they vanish as the storm that created Korena came in.

Chapter 8:
World Wars

To the Feros the most defining feature of their NG children is their ablility to adapt and prosper even in war. The many wars have bred innovation and a thousand years after the dark ages have lead to industrialization. The first to do this was the United Republics and the Insectoid nation of Ciay. Electricity and steam are wide spread and used in virtually everything.
“It is a glorious time to be living in. Industry has advance the cause of Human societies across Tera. We are at the forefront of innovation. As Humanity always has been at the forefront of all things scientific,” the U.R. president addresses his nation on a bitterly cold winter day in the capital train station.
Korena came to the U.R. under the alias of Kay. She disguised herself as an average woman that is single. She watched as the U.R. President give his speech. She loved these events and she learned about the countries she visited by them. This is her first time to the U.R. and it is a vast nation and she has a lot of traveling to do. She may be more then a thousand years old, but she still looks exactly like she did when she was born. The average Human man found her extremely attractive and wanted to either court her or mate with her. Korena is far stronger physically then any Human was, but she did not want to expose that. But for the most part she was safe, and new how to take car of herself.

The news has come days after the U.R. President’s speech. The King of the Predawns kingdom of Aldyisa was assassinated by a rough Tritonian terrorist cell. The small collection of Tritonian kingdoms wanted their freedom from Aldyisa and did not care what the consequences were. This event causes the first of many World Wars.

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