Redemption written by Daniel J. Darcey

Daniel J. Darcey’s book, Redemption, is a science fiction fantasy novel that will leave you wanting more. His characters are truly life-like bringing them out of the books and into our world. Each character in his promising book, reveals both a bad and a good side. The places you travel to are out of this world, and take you on incredible never before adventures. Leaving you breathless with the technological advances his characters build and take on, to fighting wars, to intoxicating romances. There’s a little of everything for everyone to read, explore, and intrigue your senses along the way. Every one of his thrilling scenes take you on a roller coaster ride. From laughing so hard at his evil characters, to almost feeling sympathy for his female villains, to feeling excitement over a new discovery, or angry at the total chaos, to feeling romantically in love, or in complete jealousy. These and much more are all in his incredible book called, Redemption. This is a must read for all! Ready to embark on an exciting, and thrilling adventure? Then you must read Redemption, by Daniel J. Darcey!!

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