To Monopolize Love written by Ivy Bennet

This novel, To Monopolize Love, by Ivy Bennet is astounding. Her characters draw you into their lives from the very first word til the last. Romance, the unsureness of love, and the making of love, will only lure you deeper into her characters. Completely real with realistic human qualities, you will find yourself falling in love, feeling the characters emotions as events unfold. You can almost hear the characters thoughts as though they were your very own. To Monopolize Love, is an incredible novel that you won’t want to put down. It’s alluring, realistic, and beautifully written romance that all readers will enjoy from beginning to end. I highly recommend reading, To Monopolize Love, by Ivy Bennet. Beware, she is a talented author who knows how to protray her characters with believable qualties and personalites that will forever keep you lured in.

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